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First off, let me say thanks. If you're reading this, thanks for sticking with me and waiting for me to get things up and running again after more than two years offline. I never had any intention of staying offline for that long, but circumstance being what they were, I didn't really see a choice after a time. Life got busy, as it does, and I still never got together the finances to upgrade things like the server, the forum script or the website in general.

With all that said, I did manage to work with my host and get the server issues squared away. At least for now. The forum has been stable for the last two weeks. With a few odds and ends that need tweaking. I'll need your help on that. Over the course of the next seven days, I'd like you to peruse the forums and report any bugs or errors you may find. If you find a major bug, then feel free to submit it to the bug tracker.

There's quite a few things that are not finished, but reporting them to tracker will help me not to forget to get around to them. I hope you like the new skin: Inner City Blues II. Original Inner City Blues is still available, for now, in the Style Chooser. But it's buggy and buggered. And I have no plans on correcting those issues any time soon. That's what this new skin is for. It's been optimized for cleaner reading and a more modern feel. Mobile detection is offline for now, but you can still get to one of two mobile styles (one of which is under development as a template for a few, non-buggy, mobile Inner City Blues) through the Style Chooser.

I'll spend the next week trying to get into contact with our old moderators, admins and gang and see who's interested in getting back into the swing of things. Until then, it'll be just me. And barty will be keeping an eye on General Chat and Welcome Sections. Content has pretty much been static since we closed, hence the old, out of date news on the home page and most forum sections. As I re-evaluate the direction I want to take CoG, I'll be updating the stickies, adding new content and looking for people to help generate that content. Above anything else, content is what will put us back on top as one of the premier TCG/Gaming communities out there. And, of course, your discussion and feedback. I'm glad to see everyone who's returned, and look forward to seeing some of you again. Enjoy your time on CoG as we get ready for next week's big event: The City of Gamers Online Grand Re-Opening! :cog_roll:

See you there!

-The Jedi
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what day do you plan on having the grand reopening I ask because I imagion like the rest of the world you'll also be busy with christmas, unless you've been to busy trying to sort the forum out you hadn't noticed christmas sneeking up behind.

well I look forward to grand reopening.
I plan on opening either Monday, or as late as Christmas Day. I'm less busy during that week than any other, so that's why I pushed for that week to do the main opening. Unlike most folks, my holidays aren't hectic. It's when I have the most free time.
Cool that you guys are open again.I'm not much of a forum guy or TCG guy anymore but i may hang around for a bit.Good to see you all again!
Woot! I'm happy to be back in the saddle again here too!

My Yugi days are long gone (except for the Kozaky avatar of eternal fondness) but I definitely want to hang out.

I've actually shifted into a CCG called Legend of the Five Rings, or L5R. Anybody around here playing it? Might be nice to get a forum going for it. The game itself has been around a long time (15) and has a loyal following, even if it isn't huge. Ninjas and Samurai and 2 decks and a lot of strategy. It's a great game!

No fiends in L5R, but there is the Spider clan fits the bill pretty dang close.

Anyway, can't wait to see the folks here again!
I play the yugimons now and then but my deck is just for fun these days and is normaly not legal for conpetative play.

I tried mtg but couldn't get in to it.

did an amvhell project going up on youtube,vimeo and dropbox on christmas I'll drop links some where.

hoping to do my own manga starting next year and do more with the youtube channel the bandit inquisition,.

barty and defector recently upload an F1 season review, unscripted.

but I'm glad the forum is back up,gives another place to mess around and do the chatting with other peoples.
THAT is a ton of old school names I thought I'd never seen again. (Well, except for Sean, who I annoy on Facebook every chance I get.) It's great to have you all back! (Sean, too. :D)

So AMV Hell and L5R. I've heard of Lord of the Five Rings before, I think through Sean. But I'm unfamiliar with AMV. How about we field some ideas in the Construction Zone for some new, refreshed sections? I'd like to archive the older, inactive TCG boards. (Inactive, meaning, they were never really active even when I took over). So some new sections with some passionate players could really help to breath life back into the forum.

I'll be posting a few of my own ideas in the Construction Zone for feedback, as well. I'm not playing anything right now, and I would like to pick up Yugi again. And I'm hearing that VS has ongoing, structured set releases since UDE stopped producing them, by some game developers who didn't want to see the game die. Pretty much you just download set releases and print them out. Which I think is a great idea for a new game.

Oh yeah, speaking of a new game...nah, I'll tell you guys about that laterz. :hrm:
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What a coincidence! I just got back into yugimans, and this place opens up again! I don't think I was ever really active here before, but I'd love to be around. Compared to a lot of other forums I saw when I used to play, this place is really friendly. I've been out of the game for a good few years, and I'm pretty much a complete noob now, but I hope I'll have a good time here!
I plan on opening either Monday, or as late as Christmas Day. I'm less busy during that week than any other, so that's why I pushed for that week to do the main opening. Unlike most folks, my holidays aren't hectic. It's when I have the most free time.

Not surprisingly, I'm running late on this. Would you believe both my mother and my daughter ended up in the hospital at the same time? Everyone is fine, now. And I did a fair amount of work at the hospital. While not perfect, the important things I wanted locked down are locked down. I hope everyone enjoys their vacation, and I'll have things ready to go within this week.

Why yes, I always spend the holidays coding. Why do you ask?. :D