Dillie-O's Trade List


Council of Heroes
Trading Rules:

I follow the standard trading and reference rules outlined here in the forums. I'm a little wary about shipping overseas, but if you're really interested in a trade, I'll check your rankings and discuss things with you.

A complete, factory sealed PCY video game with cards. Note, this is not the reprinted E series, it is the original set.

For those of you not familiar, this is the Power of Chaos: Yugi Special Edition CD-ROM game that gives you all five promotional cards:

Windstorm of Etaqua PCY-001 - Only other copy is a SOI Secret Rare
Anti-Spell Fragrance PCY-002 - Only available in this set.
Thousand Knives PCY-003 - Only available in this set. Great for Dark Magician decks.
Dark Magician PCY-004 - Nice alternative artwork
Kuriboh PCY-005 - The elusive "Purple Kuriboh"
Is that all the cards you have? I have a Prometheus up for trade if you are interested in it for your fiend deck, as well as some of the other support I mentioned. I'm interested in the Purple Kuriboh as I collect them, but I wouldn't trade an arm and leg for it. lol

I could possibly get an Eradicator Epidemic Virus for you from a friend of mine if you have any other trades he might be interested in.
hehe, i've been REALLY itching for this guy to finish off my Giant Kozaky deck. I do have more cards, I've just never had the time to really go through them and see which ones are hot cards for folks or not. I'll take a peek at your list and see if I can come up with anything. Promethius would be a great addtion.