Example Trade Thread (Use the Four Post Method)

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Rules for trading:
1-Make sure to protect the cards, commons can be protected with 2sheets of paper to fill the envelope.
2- Will send to all 6 continents with nations. Will not trade to Antartica.
3- I want to trade for 1st edition only (where applicable).
(remember these are just examples, if you want to trade to antartica, go ahead, or insist on hard protection for commons to)
Pending/Completed Trades

Pending/Completed Trades ADMIN NOTE: You MUST include this post when you FIRST create your thread, whether you have in-progress trades or not. You cannot add it in later. It is a point of fact, that no one has pending trades when they first start a trade thread here. Just create a fourth post that says something like (none) or (no trades at the moment) so that you can edit it later. This is your most important post, because this is where your trade history is chronicled.

1: djp952 - Completed, Positive Ref
Final Countdown x3
The Spell Absorbing Life x3

Dark Magician (DDS)
Blue-Eyes White Dragon (DDS)

2: bishop - Pending
Thousand-Eyes Idol

Serpent Night Dragon x2
Jinzo (PSV)
Gemini Elf (LON)
Reflect Bounder

3: deepdark - Completed, Positive Ref
Big Shield Gardna (DB1) My
Fiber Jar
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