Feature: Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Other Abridged Movie (PG-13)

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Gary's an adolescent boy who doesn't enjoy playing card games. He exists in a world populated by spikey-haired teenagers addicted to Yu-Gi-Oh. As you can imagine, life for Gary is very difficult. Find out just how difficult by watching this brand spanking new (old) movie.


[ame="http://revver.com/video/647993/yu-gi-oh-the-other-abridged-movie/"]Yu-Gi-Oh: The Other Abridged Movie[/ame]
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I'm bumping this just in case some of you missed this. I'm sorry, but this is 100 times funnier then the first Abridged Movie. If not 100 times more inappropriate.
You know, I added Season 0 to our video module (don't know if it will stay there, being YouTube and all), but I've never watched it all. Was this based on a movie based on Season 0, or was this a compilation of scenes from that season?
I think there were a few movies set in the Season 0 time period. You know, way back before they started inventing the rules to the game and all.

I remember watching the movie this Abridged version was based on. It was about the kid getting a Red-Eyes B. Dragon in a booster pack, and back in those days it was reputed to be a legendary card, second only to the Blue-Eyes White Dragon (promising potential, while Blue-Eyes promised victory). Because he had such a powerful card, the kid stopped playing Duel Monsters, because the outcome was assumed (that he would win because of his Red-Eyes). He also doesn't feel confident about playing it, because he's insecure about his dueling abilities. Yugi sneakily takes the Red-Eyes and uses it in his Deck against Kaiba, purposely holding back from using it until the kid (in the audience) really wants Yugi to play it. When he does, Yugi fuses it with Meteor Dragon to form Meteor Black Dragon, and defeats Kaiba. The kid probably learns a valuable lesson.

...As I recall.

But I agree, this abridged movie is very funny indeed. I've only watched it once so far, but I don't recall a single time it faulted. It was consistently great, and very well written.