Going to See Corinne Bailey Rae in Sept

Digital Jedi

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Just dumb luck really. She's hitting a joint close to where we just happen to be vacationing this year, which just happens to be close to home this year due to budget constraints. And the joint just happens to not charge an arm and a leg. And the place is non-smoking and wheelchair and child friendly. You don't understand. I don't get to see concerts. Not ever. So this is a special type thing for me. And if you hadn't seen my Corinne Bailey Rae album yet, well, let's just say I'll probably turn into a pile of dottering ooze once I get there.

But hey, I missed out on all my groups when I was a kid, so I'm due some goofy fanboy geekiness.

Here's why:

That was your 10,000th post.

Well, technically. You've been cheating by having a bot put videos up under your name. Shame on you. :D