Hi everybody ;J


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Hello, its been sometime since I've been around... so ill get down to it. I am looking for some of the old guys that still play/don't to see if maybe they can hit me up on facebook :) or PM for some Private matters :):)
I'm old. I play YuGiOh! sometimes. Mostly I judge the thing (HJing the Shonen Jump Austin on 17-18). Don't have time for Facebook, but you can PM me here-- 'cept on weekends.
nah im looking for people with a bit of time, and i dont mean Yugioh Players i mean old Members of the forums, like Daniel :)
Hey krazykidpsx!!! Good to see ya back online here. Sadly to say, I've retired from my Yugi days about a month ago, as well as the netrep/deck studio/ronin stuff. That said I poke around Facebook a bit, I think my profile is linked to my account here now.