SPOILERS I Just Finished Chucky Season 1

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I was not expecting the series to be this good, nor this faithful to the tone of the early films, NOR did I expect it to keep all the films in canon. Usually these 80's horror revivals completely ignore the last few films, especially when they go into wonkey territory like Cult of Chucky. But they totally made it work.

"I know what you're thinking. How can a doll be so strong?"

"It doesn't make any sense!"
I have never once seen anything Chucky, but one day I'll change that.
It's an incredibly unusual franchise that is both predictable and makes you say WTF!? It gets weird in places. It gets great in places. But this series is the best I've seen outta the whole thing, while still requiring having seen the rest of the franchise to have it make any real sense. The series really is just a sequel in TV show form.
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What's really interesting to me is how they just accepted every element of the franchise as canon. They aren't ignoring stuff because they don't like it, like most of these horror franchises do. Cripes, Carpenter even ignored his own sequel.
That's really cool! That kind of reminds me of the Stargate Origins mini series/film thing that came out a few years ago that accept the original film and the series SG-1 being the same canon.
Didn't the series always treat the first movie as canon? I don't remember any contradiction between the two.
Yes, in general, but there were certain things about how things worked in-universe that they chaned for SG-1. Origins tried to reconcile those things for the most part.
You mean like how the movie had fancier Jaffa heads?


Actually, I mean like why there wasn't a Dail Home device in the original film and why it was there in the series on the same planet. That sort of thing.
Ya know, I never really thought about that before. I need to check Origins out when I get a chance. Maybe sometime today.
I wish Origins (now called Stargate: Katherine) had a physical release so I could complete my Stargate bluray/dvd collection.

You'll never get an answer for those fancier Jaffa heads. ;) If it makes you feel better, just think of it like what Discovery is to TOS. :p
Yeah. Wouldn't be the first visual retcon I had to live with. I've never been the same since Enterprise went ahead and explained Klingon foreheads, tho.
I thought that was a fun couple of episodes and had hoped Discovery would mention it with a line or visually with ridgeless Klingons in addition to the ones we saw.