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with me,barty,darkerviper,thepharoh and defector on here all the members of the bandit inquisition are member of the cog forums.
this exciting.

december the 25th will see the launch of my amv project amvhell school edition.
Thought it was best to move this into the General Chat section since it's more like a General Chat thread then a Intro/Farewell thread.
I wonder if any of the Lair of the Dark Monarchs are still around. I know one is waiting for the site to open, but she hasn't visited here just yet.
bit random but monarchs is still one of my fav deck types it may be slow but it's still a fun a deck build I liked trying to fit jinzo in to my build.
Sadly the lair closed up shop long ago. I didn't have the funds to host things anymore and then after that I wasn't playing anymore. I'm still a Dark Monarch in spirit, but sadly only one that can lurk the halls with his slouched over lab coat and digital haze in his eyes.
this is the main reason i made this thread
my amvhell project
is now up on youtube.
it was being blocked world wide had to do a third party copyright acknowledgment so hopefully it'll work.

well it was blocked. so now it'll be exclusive in it's complete state on dropbox and in 3 parts on vimeo when I get round to uploading it.
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