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Yes i know it's been months and months of waiting but wait no more by this tuesday the sholud shold be a review of pokemon forever or it'll go slightly wrong and be an over view of the movie like the last four attempt's.
this is the one that features celebi and suicune the only legendary dog to make it in to movie entei dosn't count as it was made by the unowns physchic powers.
here it is the pokemon forever review/overview thingy. i've got next week of so i might sit down and do another seven of these review overview thingys that would finish this of then i might do the dragonball z movies.
but here and now must press play or nothings going to happen.

flash back to the start of the series where ash gets his pikachu how sweet.

somewhere in a deep forest a celebi is being chased by a houndoom as weaths be between the trees houndoom leaps at celebi in an attempt to bit it missed. syther strikes out of no where with slash attack but it's deflected by celebis forcefield and celebi tumbles throught the air.
hits a tree then the ground and flies of.
we then pna to young boy if i remember is called sammy(professor oak) he's just found a tunnel and is about to enter it. a young a girl with green hair has just appeared carrying a basket maybe shes of to granmas house oops wrong story.
she tells sammy about the spirit of the forest and how he shouldn't move a muscle when he hears it time traveling. yes celebi can time travel.
the namless girl gives sammy a loaf of bread she made looks like tiger bread i mean raikou bread. the chase continues with both syther and houndoom beating on poor celebi with a flame thrower attack from houndoom celebi is taken just in time for a man on a bike to appear to claim his prize. celebi cries out and the other pokemon in the forest make run for it.
they run past sammy and ruin his chance of drawing bellossom then celebi flies past chased by syther and houndoom sammy gives chase and finds celebi pinned down by syther.
sammy tells syther and houndoom to leave celebi alone as 2 on 1 isn't fair but just gets shot at by houndoom luckly the attack misses and celebi wraps houndoom and syther up in vines and makes a run for it followed by sammy.
who catches in his arms then the pokemon hunter appears and demands that sammy hand over celebi so he can sell on ebay for lots money but sammy refuses.
then the chase is on again celebi calls out again and forest starts glowing blue.
celebi glow and with a flsh of light both celebi and sammy disapear.
the only thing left is sammys sketch pad.
the film moves on 40 years and now theres a new pokemon hunter intergating the origonal one for info on the celebi he almost caught 40 years ago. the pokemon hunters go out side where theres cages full of pokemon the main cage contains a tyranitar.
the new guy has a sneasel which opens the cage using its ravor sharp and the tyranitar timidly steps. as the new hunter brings out a dark ball.
the pokemon caught in a dark ball become evil pokemon:evil: hahaha.
there power also sky rockets to the highest level i want dark balls in the game i could save time on training. the new hunter makes his evil tyranitar use hyper beam to destroy everything the only way to stop it was for the old hunter to the one where he origionaly found celebi and now the film begins i know this definatly and over view but lets continue.
we find our friends brock and misty waiting to get on a ferry so they can go to the next gym but ash and pikachu are no where to be found. Where are they?
brock sends crobat to find them.
Ash has found himself a pokemon battle against the dundee best trainer in town
and he starts of with a croconaw. (Caw blimmey folks but another shrimp on the barby it's Croconaw dundee:D )
ash picks pikachu good choice and after a little shuffle with the exchange of headbutts waterguns bites and slash attacks pikachu eventualy wins with thundershock just in time for crobat to find them and take them to the ferry. ash thanks dundee for the battle and leggs it to the ferry but gets cut off so he runs down a peir a jumps at the ferry missing brocks hand but getting caught and dragged aboard by the scruff of his jacket. will on the ferry the spot a suicune the legendary water dog. which the nruns off and hides in the forest. apparently the woods are full of pokemon and here i was expecting digimon silly me. they get on shore and phone professor oak to ask him about suicune but all he can tell is thats a legendary pokemon and that it symbolizes the north wind and has to power to purify taunted waters.
ash and co set off down stream in a speed to look for pokemon and to see suicune again. oh god there being followed by team rocket on somekind of peddle powered glidder and there about to crash because jessie as got cramp from all that peddleing.
oh no they've been blown away.
ash and co have hit a waterfall so the speed boat turns in a hot air baloon so they can go over it.
now there airborn and now there landing in arber ville a tree house town.
the namless girl from the start of the film has reapered and is now living in a tree house next to the cave enterance. shes just asked wit hash and co are going into the forest to looks for pokemon. diana appears on the seen shes the grandduaghter of the nameless lady. who is now telling ash and co to lisetn for the voice of the forest.
ash and pikachu run of a head while misty drags broke awy from diana. by the ear of course. the forest started glowing just like it did when celebi time travled with sammy.
sammy and celebi have reappeared 40 years after dissapearing strange oh and there goes celebi wondering of back in to the forest to hide.
they take sammy back to dianas house where dianas nana reconises him and can't beleive hes back.
she kept his sketch book just in cade he ever came back isn't that nice she also wrapped it up in a towel. sammy just found out hes been gone for 40 years because the voice of the forest can capture people and take them on a journey through time.
the new pokemon hunter has apeared in the forest on a quadpod type machine in search of celebi. sammy deciedes to go and look for celebi ash and co decide to follow and help look for the injured celebi which is going back to the lake of life wher it came from. team rocket ar stuck in a tree a moaning about there broken glider.
ash and sammy climb up some vines to see why all the pokemon are together there all stand around a small hole in a tree. sammy almost fell down but was saved by ash who suggested staying with brock and misty but wa insistent that he has to find celebi to portect it as he failed the first time he tried.
sammy reaches out to celebi but celebi blast him and ash away wit ha pyschic blast almost frowing ash to is doom. celebi is now using vine whip but eventualy ash and sammy manage to calm the celebi down sammy picks it and after telling celebi it'll be save with them it falls asleep. ash and co decide to take celebi to a pokemon center.
But are cut of by team rocket. team rocket say there moteo and wobbuffet comes out and the extra wait breaks the brance there standing on and they plumet to the earth.(ouch) sammy wonders if they'll be o.k and misty explains unfortunatly yes. so the back on there when they get cornered by the pokemon hunter.
team rocket think that pokemon hunters here for pikachu and intend to stop him with weezing.
the pokemon hunter pulls out a dark and call forth the evil tyranitar and starts using hyper beam but is interupted by weezing smog attack which blown away with hyper beam the pokemon hunter works for team rocket and is called the iron masked marauda but we'll call him timm for short. timm brings out a scizor and a sneazle to look for celebi.
while running misty twisted her knee and it seems that sneazle and scizor are catching up to them. battle time sammy pulls out a clock work pokeball and releases a charmellion advantage sammy fire type against a stell and an ice type should be an eay win. ash picks a bayleaf he should have picked cyndaquil for more type advantage.
it's sneasle vs charmelion and scizor vs bayleaf. ash and sammy win. timm has finaly caught up to find his pokemon tieed to rocks. timm finds the skill level of ash and co makes things interesting. brock is now carrying misty so she doesn't have to walk on her bad knee. there looking for a way out too get to pokemon center but some fog has set in the forest. but luckily an usaring and a teddyursa have come to show them the way. eventualy they sawp other to following a stantler then reach a furret and start following that though some long grass to the lake of life.
sammy looks down at celebi and decides to take it into the lake of life to see if it'll make celebi feel better he gets waste deep then crouches so that celebis in the water.
pokemon from the forest are lining the shore line celebi leaves sammys arm s and drifts to the center of the lake where it heals it self using lake water.
now it's better it's become happy and playful and flying around maybe the lake of life will heal misty's knee. ash and sammy jump in the lake to play with celebi. they go under water wher they see loads of water pokemon and almost drown but celebi uses its physchic powers to svae them and they start flying around together. celebi touches misty's knee and makes it better. celebi takes ash and co to an orchade of berry trees isn't celebi nice good thing the berries are nice aswell. timm is still on the look for celebi and has been joined by team rocket there after food luckily they've pound a peach tree so they'll just grab a peach on the way past fall the quadropod and get left behind.
night time has fallen and sammy up drawing a picture of celebi with pikachu sleeping with each other.
ash has a look at sammy's art work and says it's like a pokedex the says the wrong thing whcih up sets sammy s ohe walks of in to the night followed by ash. they start talking about there moms which makes ash hungery because he fought his moms cooking so shre the bread sammy got from dianas nana forty years ago still freash.
pikachu wakes up along with celebi because he sansed somthing it's metapods evolving in to butterfree and hopfully sammy will be free to go back in time.ash and sammy climb a tree to watch the butterfree.
morning has come so have timm and team rocket and there after celebi.
pikachu attacks timm but his quadropod has a forcefield on it.
it also has 2 mechancial arms now so i guess it's now a hexapod timms caught celebi and is now shocking it and has caught it in a dark so now it's evil ash and sammy attack as do the pokemon of the forest. ash manages to tackle timm which knocks timm in to a switch and makes his hexapod go haywire and fall over ash getts the dark ball but timm quickly takes it back.
timm is now surrounded the pokemon of the forest.
timm summons celebi and tells it to get rid of all the pokemon which celebi does with one physchic blast.
celebi incase it's self in physchic force field and starts ramming the other pokemon and wrecking the forest. it incases it's self in a nest type ball using follage from the forest diana and her grandma she this from the village and decide to see what's going on.
the film then pans to suicune who is standing on top of a mountain time for it's dramatic enterance.
timm is making celebi destroy the forest so that he can demonstrat to giovanni hoiw strong he and celebi are he's all taken jessie hostage because he needs a witness.
celebi has transformed the ball of follage in to monster that reminds now of darkria in apperance.
cool hyper beam it dug a path right through thew forest and hit the lake with a huge explosion. ash and friends are flying along side the evil celebis monster which is about to blow them out of the sky.
there they go into the lake where they hit by another hyper beam luckly everyone was o.k.
celbi fires a hyper beam at ash and sammy but there saved by suicune who leaps at timm and knocks timm out of the tree.
timm decides to try and capture suicune by using tyranitar starting wit ha hyper beam attack. brock sends out onix to stop tyranitar which he does with tail whip and flicks tyranatar in to the lake of life.
suicune takes ash and sammy to celebi so they can try to save celebi and the forest.
ash call to celebi but there knocked down suicune attacks the monster with bubble beam then they make a second go at it but get caught by celebi in vine whip.
ash and sammy fall of suicune and head to wards celebi to try and talk it back in to be the portector of the forest and explain that there trying to save it. the pokemon of the forewst are now calling out to celebi ash and sammy have reached celebi and now celebis having flash as it remembers being good and as returns to being the dark ball expoleded and the grass monster celebi creasted fell apart in the lake.
ash and sammy fine but celebi's being to wither so they put celebi in the water to heal it but it's not working because the waters tanted because the forest has been hurt and now the lakes dieing but suicune can purify the lake save celebi and the forest looks like it'll be a happy ending.
suicune glows and jumps on the lake purifying it. but it isn't working ash has pulled out one of those berries from earlier and is going try and feed it celebi but it isn't working.
i think celebi may be dead. hopfully somkind of miricale will happen to save celebi.
whats this maybe it's that miricale we need to save celebi a green light is spreadig a cross the sky it's like somthing is traveling through time. the forest is glowing a huge time rift has opened up and lots of celebis are coming through it they must have come to save there fallen comrade.
the celebi are reviving the dead celebi by using heal bell i think:?:.
yes the celelbi will live it's going to be a happy ending.
the spirits of the future and the past came to save there friend.
omg timms back and he's got celebi quick someone stop him ash grabs timm as he tries to make his escape using a jet pack but is sent plumeting back to after pikachu uses thunder bolt on timms jet pack.
luckily for ash and pikachu celebi saves them using it's physchic powers.
timm lands in the forest and finds himself out number and gets tied up by bug pokemon.
ash misses catches a suicune as he waves goodbye it as it runs in to the forest.
celebi gets ready to go back in time and to take sammy back with him.
it's happy ending for all celebi lives and sammy goes back to his own time.
tears of joy fill the air as everyone waves good bye to sammy.
a little ash phones proffesor oak to tell him all about there adventure.
finally it ends as professor looks in hois sketch book we now pan to jessie who is drifting relaxingly until shes resued by james and meowth and the n there attacked by tyranitar and now team rockets floating away.

the films good i'll give it 8 of 10 just because celebi's cute and has awsome power it also gets marks for having a suicune even if it didn't do much and the tyranitar was cool even all it did was hyper beam.
sadly this is last realy good pokemon movie till destiny deoxys. the film does through up some questions how could professor oak exsist if celebi took him out of the time line for 40 years or did he disapear for 2 days when his young self was put back in the time stream it's complicated we'd probably need an entire thread to dicuss this problem

sorry it's long but did take a while to wright nearly 3 hours:eek:

so on that note i bid you goodbye

p.s bye this movie it's cool
Here we go with the fourth film, cunningly called "Pokémon 4Ever". I say "cunningly", but we all know better. At least Duke Nukem Forever didn't stoop to using the actual number in its title, even if it does use the play on words. But Duke Nukem isn't exactly aimed at the kiddies, is it? And it seems 3D Realms has shut down due to lack of funding, so we may never see the king of vapourware (but I'm holding out hope that it's part of some big publicity stunt, and that the game's to be release shortly).

But I digress. Note, please, that this will be only the second time I've seen this film; the first time was after I'd seen some of the later ones ("Destiny Deoxys" and possibly "Lucario and the Myserty of Mew"). It may be important, I don't know.

Pokémon 4Ever: Celebi, the Voice of the Forest

We begin with a montage of loads of pokémon all living on-screen. The forests are swarming with them, as is everywhere else. Perhaps it represents the unlimited number of encounters one can have in long grass.

Porygon! Sadly, only ever seen nowadays in some of the films, thanks to Pikachu's intense electric attack. There is absolutely no reason why Porygon should get the flack for that - if anyone, it's the animators' fault.

Then we see a very brief summary of Ash's adventures so far, beginning with a scene (or rather, a redrawing) from the start of the very first Pokémon episode. I like that music, both the opening theme and the battle music played there.

This prologue, incidentally, is only in the Western version and has been copy-pasted from the film "Pokémon Heroes" (i.e. the next film), which had already come out in Japan before this film's Western release.

Now the film proper, and it starts with a very nicely animated (CG plus high frame rate) chase after Celebi in a forest.

The guest star Sammy comes across a cave (actually a tunnel carved through an impossibly huge fallen treetrunk) that leads into a forest (obviously the same one, because otherwise it would be confusing), and is stopped by a young woman saying "Don't tell me you haven't heard about [the legend]!". It's lines like that that just make me want to turn off.

"Well, it's only a legend, but..."'s entirely true. Have we yet come across a legend that isn't 100% pure fact (and/or isn't stupidly worded)? That's one of the things I hate about fantasy, by the way - an alternate world may have magic all over the place, but it can have its own fiction as well. Not every old wives' tale needs to be true, or even accurate (and stupidly worded).

A mention of time travel, and everyone should be able to figure out what comes next. This is interesting to me, as time travel in general is. I'd like to see what its laws are in the Pokéverse. For the record, I prefer a "you can't change time" predestination set of rules, because then there's no messing around with alternate realities and hand-waving why the protagonists don't die when they kill their ancestors (predestination means you couldn't kill them in the first place, for whatever reason). There's also significantly fewer stories you can write under these rules, though, so it's swings and roundabouts.

Celebi gets injured by a Flamethrower and starts screeching. Something's gonna happen. All the pokémon know it (somehow), and flee, right past a doodling Sammy.

Celebi and its pursuers fly past him as well (small forest), and Sammy gives chase. He sees it getting beaten up and collapsing into his arms. Then the Pokémon hunter shows up on his motorbike, and his best argument for obtaining Celebi is that he'd make lots of money, and, "Give it to me!" Aah, bad guys...

Sammy legs it, and Celebi screeches some more. The forest goes trippy colours, and the two explode.

No, not really, but they do time travel, right in front of a shrine where a GS Ball might have sat if that wasn't an abandoned plot. For those not in the know, the GS Ball was originally meant to contain a Celebi, and it would become a companion for the gang through half of their Johto journeys. Instead, everyone wants you to forget about it.

Cut to the present day, and the old Pokémon hunter is being smacked around by the Big Bad (Vicious, a.k.a. the Iron-Masked Marauder. Stupid macho names). He and his caged pokémon (the Tyranitar looks particularly miffed, actually) are looking for information about Celebi. The Tyranitar gets thrust into a Dark Ball and becomes evil (somehow) and goes to Level 100. Interestingly, Tyranitar's stats total is equal to Celebi's, but maybe you don't care.

Tyranitar starts destroying the old Pokémon hunter's home, and when he's forced to concede defeat and spill everything he knows (which is practically nothing), his hand is positioned rather high up on the Big Bad's inside thigh. Kinda sets the tone for the whole film, I think.

Vicious, by the way, never has his name mentioned in this film (and his "Marauder" silliness is only mentioned once). He is also voiced by DAN GREEN. That's right; Mewtwo is beating up (or trying to beat up) a small flying Psychic legendary pokémon. Wait, what?

Opening titles. They're unimpressive. But, you know, they serve their purpose, and that's fine. They're not supposed to be one of the highlights of the film.

We find the heroes, and the Announcer seems to be getting a bit tired of things by now, as you may be able to tell from his dialogue:

"Today we find our friends waiting for a ferry that will carry them to yet another Pokémon Gym..."

Actually, not all the heroes are there. Ash is missing (good!), so Brock sends out his Crobat to go look for him. Crobat sounds like Gollum with a cold and something caught in his throat.

Ash is busy fighting a boy trainer voiced by a woman (and very obviously so). "He" is also called Dundee, has an Australian accent and owns a Croconaw, so we don't know who or what he's based on. Ash slaughters him (the Croconaw never put up any kind of fight, and actually even tried using a Bite attack! It would obviously never work, because this is a children's cartoon). The battle is so minor that the second half of the movie version theme music shows Ash running to catch the ferry, which is obviously on so tight a schedule it can't wait for literally 30 seconds. Although maybe Misty and Brock didn't want Ash to make it, and I wouldn't blame them.

As usual, the promise of unusual pokémon leads the heroes into the plot. We even see Suicune, who won't become very important later on. Seriously, it does nothing. It's only there because Entei got a film to itself, and that's favouritism (having said that, though, I wonder where Raikou's gotten to?).

Professor Oak shows the heroes a drawing of a Suicune over a video call. Suicune's only plot-relevant power is revealed here - it can purify water. No, honestly, it's a big deal. It's the only thing that justifies its Water type (I always thought Ice would be better, based solely on its appearance and by keeping the trio trend going). The plot manages to get in the way of Oak revealing that very same plot ahead of time, and perhaps it's for the best. It's at least marginally more interesting this way.

This scene, the video call, was specifically changed from the original for the benefit of (stupid) Western audiences. Originally, Professor Oak assumes the pokémon was Suicune, gives some info about it, then begins to write a haiku about it but is jumped by Ash's Muk. In this version, Oak confirms it's legendary, talks about Celebi as well, then the call ends and Oak wonders if he should have told them about everything. The original version has only the mildest hints about the plot twist (which I suspect you already know).

Enter Team Rocket. Despite being contractually obliged to fail miserably, they're clearly the best characters around. For example, take James's very first line:

"Of course they're beneath us; they're twerps!"

That's just style, man. And bonus points if you read that in James's voice (or rather, negative points if you didn't - you should be doing it as standard, people!).

The heroes arrive in Arborville (very literally named, as always). They immediately go off through that stupidly huge tree trunk into the forest, after meeting the young woman (who is now an old woman) and her granddaughter Diana. Brock is ignored completely, and again I'll complain about him not being allowed to even try. The twerps have ruined more potential relationships for him than they've... done something else that they do a lot. The one time Brock escaped from them was when he stayed with Professor Ivy... but we don't know what happened there. And it's best not to ask.

The forest goes all trippy again, and after some special effects Sammy and Celebi show up. Celebi legs it (or "psychically levitates it", if you will), and the heroes take Sammy to Diana's house (having just met her). Misty wonders what the light was, but that line is delivered so offhandedly that it's hilarious.

Sammy wakes up, and the old woman immediately recognises Sammy. That's a good memory. She gives him his sketchbook, which he dropped before time travelling. Sammy takes it all remarkably calmly. Celebi's apparently gone back to the Lake of Life, and that's where the plot's headed.

The heroes spot a load of pokémon crowded around a hole in a tree, and go to investigate. Celebi's in there, and it doesn't want to be disturbed. The heroes win it over, though, by saying they just want to help it. Celebi isn't very genre savvy - you just don't trust people saying that, even if they mean it! Because they probably don't!

They run off with it, passing a brief encounter with Team Rocket, and run into Vicious. He's atop a big quadrupedal machine, which means he's evil. That (the machine) and the mask and cape. They're always signs of evil, as everyone knows. Ash is way too quick to judge. But Tyranitar comes out and starts blasting away, so he's right. But still, he was being an arse right from the start, and that's just not nice.

Team Rocket join up with Vicious while the heroes escape. Vicious sends a Scizor and a Sneasel after them, which Ash and Sammy beat up. Of note is Sammy's old-style Poké Ball, which has a dial on it instead of a button. It has a Charmeleon inside it, which is a cool pokémon. I think, with just a few exceptions (like Croconaw and its stupid bathing suit), the middle forms of the starters look cooler than their final forms.

Ash and Sammy beat the attackers, and they "make a good team" (according to Sammy). Note that I'm reading into all these lines in exactly the way that wasn't intended. You can too!

The heroes go off, encounter an Ursaring and follow it to the lake. As you do. Ursaring is one of the forgotten pokémon. There's also a Stantler and Furret to follow, which are just as obscure. It's nice to see them being part of the plot (even slightly). I'm a big fan of Furret in particular, because it's so cute.

Celebi gets dunked into the lake, where it swims off. Another Mew parallel. It gets healed by the water, and the heroes have a play around with Celebi. They then go off to find a tree full of probably Cheri Berries (heals paralysis). Ash and Sammy even climb up the tree to pick them. Ash and Sammy, sitting in a tree...

It's night now, and everyone's asleep except Sammy, who is drawing pokémon. Ash stirs and has a look at his sketchbook, mentioning something about a Pokédex. Predestination paradox, perhaps? But that doesn't explain why the first Pokédex didn't have information about any Johto pokémon, even though the film is set there and Sammy has sketches of a load of them.

They then go on to talk about Sammy being stuck in the future. Ash gets hungry, and Sammy shares the bread he got off the young woman 40 years previously.

Pikachu wakes up, as you can see:


"Everyone leaves me in the end..."

They've found a bunch of Metapod evolving (in a different way to how Ash's Metapod did). Once again, Ash completely fails to remember his very first captured pokémon. It's made all the more bastardly when you realise that Butterfree die after mating (which is what it went off to do). He really just doesn't care, does he?

No, instead he climbs up another tree with Sammy to watch them and hug.

Some time later (and I'll let you decide what happened in the interim), the heroes are on their way back to the village. They encounter Vicious and Team Rocket, who attack and capture Celebi. Vicious lobs a Dark Ball, and the heroes are shocked that someone has dared to even think about capturing a pokémon in a film.

The rest of the forest pokémon all gather to disapprove of this, and Celebi is called out. And it's now evil, and tears things up. All the debris and Jessie get drawn into a nest around Celebi.

Remember Suicune? Neither do I. But it's shown up again, and it runs off again.

Celebi and its nest fly through the forest, with Jessie tied up by vine tentacles. Hey, that mental image is your fault, not mine!

Celebi metamorphoses the nest into a rather interesting shape. Looks a bit like a cross between Darkrai and Dusknoir, but made out of wood. And, as all pokémon do to show they're boss, it uses Hyper Beam and blows up the lake. It then comes across the heroes and blasts them a few times.

Suicune jumps in and saves them from one of the blasts, and Vicious whips out his Tyranitar. Ash and Sammy get to ride Suicune up onto the twig monster, and Celebi starts having flashbacks of when it was a good and decent pokémon. That only happened because the heroes are nearby, of course.

Celebi turns good again, its Dark Ball explodes, and the twig monster disintegrates into the lake.

Celebi shrivels up, and the lake water won't help it now. Suicune's only plot-relevant power comes into play, and it cleanses the lake. It still doesn't work, though, and neither do the berries they picked earlier.

Time for an environmental message about how humans caused the death of the voice of the forest and blah blah blah. All the forest pokémon are unhappy about that, but they don't start crying to revive Celebi (see the first film for more details), so maybe they just don't care that much after all.

More time travel, and a flock of Celebi appear. They fly around it, and our Celebi is revived. Are they different Celebi, though, or the same Celebi from different times? That's something to think about.

Vicious pops out of nowhere and steals Celebi, but a Thunderbolt quickly puts a stop to his jetpack. Celebi cushions Ash's landing, but Vicious drops a long way into trees and onto solid ground. He survives but is implied to be punished by the forest pokémon for doing such horrible things, because that's how these things work.

Celebi is about to take Sammy back to his own time, and Sammy looks over at Ash, eyes shimmering, as if asking permission to leave him. Aww... They're great "friends".

Now there's a scene where the heroes are talking to Professor Oak, which wasn't in the original film, but was created for the Western version. The original scene shows Sammy returning home believing that the events of the film were a dream.

Team Rocket relaxes in the lake, while the heroes head off to somewhere else.

In the credits, Tracey is cleaning up books and discovers a sketchbook (now 80 years old if you do the maths). This scene is literally the only hint the Japanese audience have that Sammy is Professor Oak.

So that's the film. As always, there's some time paradoxes: why aren't the Johto pokémon not in the original Pokédex? Was Sammy always destined to return back to his time in the end, considering that Professor Oak is rather significant in Ash's past (and if Sammy didn't get back, Oak couldn't have influenced Ash which would have made him do different things)? Since Sammy also saw Ash's Bayleef, he could have made Ash's starter be a Chikorita instead of Pikachu (since he knew Ash would have a Bayleef, and he knows Chikorita is a starter somewhere). Perhaps exactly that happened, but with Pikachu instead (i.e. Ash was only given a Pikachu because Oak knew Ash would have one in the future).

There's a couple of GameCube games that feature similar plots. They're all about dark (shadow) pokémon that the player needs to purify. And Celebi is a main character in those games (or so I heard).

Did I like the film, though? It was alright. Perhaps it's just because I've only seen it twice (now), but it's a bit meh. Films about the lesser legendaries seem to be not as good in general (i.e. the "cute" legendaries, trio-related legendaries, Unown isn't even legendary). The Manaphy and Jirachi films also suffer from this, I think (although I've only seen those two films once each too, so I may just be forgetting things). Or maybe my standards have just shifted, making all Pokémon films get the "meh" rating now, and I just don't realise it.

I don't know. It's fun to read (probably) completely unintended things into the story, but as a film it's just not quite up to snuff. Perhaps it's just nostalgia for the original one, or perhaps it's the "nature good technology bad" plot that I dislike, but it doesn't quite grab me. The overarching plot is good and all (it's not too big, not too small, just the right size/scale, in that it's not Armageddon but it's not "Ash gets a cold" either), but several of the individual scenes in it just feel like filler, rather than plot-relevant. And when I say "several" I mean "more than acceptable" - no film is filled completely with improtant scenes - our brains would melt if we watched such a film.

So... yeah. That's my review this time around.