My Earth Deck


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Blade Skater
Alpha the Magnet Warrior
Gamma the Magnet Warrior
Beta the Magnet Warrior
Gemini Elf
Gemini Elf
Gemini Elf
Gene-Warped Warwolf
Cat's Ear Tribe
Cat's Ear Tribe
Milus Radiant
Milus Radiant
Milus Radiant
Man-Eater Bug
Mystic Swordsman LV2
The Earth "“ Hex-Sealed Fusion
Injection Fairy Lily
Gyaku-Gire Panda
Cyber Gymnast
Exiled Force
Etoile Cyber
Retrained Celtic Guardian
Amazoness Swords Woman
Elemental Hero Wildheart
The Trojan Horse
The Trojan Horse
D. D. Assailant
Chiron the Mage
Gearfried the Iron Knight
Panther Warrior
Goblin Attack Force
Goblin Attack Force
Freed the Matchless General
Freed the Matchless General
Saber Beetle
Elemental Hero Bladedge
Buster Blader
Valkyrion the Magna Warrior
Ryu Senshi
Elemental Hero Wild Wingman
Cyber Blader
The Last Warrior from Another Planet
Dragon Master Knight
Black Luster Soldier
Black Luster Soldier

Magic Cards

Change of Heart
Dark Core
Harpie's Feather Sweep
Monster Reborn
Pot of Greed
Soul Exchange
Swords of Revealing Light
Tribute Doll
AXe of Despair
Fusion Sword Murasame Blade
Gaia Power
Gaia Power
Black Luster Ritual
Black Luster Ritual
Earth Chant

Trump Cards

Blast Held by a Tribute
Blast with Chain
Bottomless Trap Hole
Draining Shield
Dust Tornado
Exchange of the Spirit
Magic Cylinder
Mirror Force
Ring of Destruction
Trap Hole
Call of the Haunted
Embodiment of Apophis
Embodiment of Apophis
Solemn Wishes
Barrel Behind the Door
Horn of Heaven
Magic Jammer
Seven Tools of the Bandit

Total: 85

It does well. Please don't say too many cards or to shorten it, unless you say what cards to remove. It mainly focuses on "Milus Radiant" and "Gaia Power", but I don't want to make run completely off of those two. I'm just looking for suggestions.
And please don't flame just, because you think decks should only be 40 cards. I came here to get away from the unoriginal conformity that is
It is easier to have decks that are only 40 cards long, that way you can get the right cads at the right times, however decks can work with more then 40 cards. i would say 60, 65 at most though.

You don't really need black luster soilder in an earth deck, so you could take him out. if you want him in a deck, then it's best to build a deck that's based around him.

also, some monsters you don't need, and don't really fit would be Elemental Hero Wild Wingman and his fusion monsters, Kyu Senshi and what ever makes him up.

Just because a card is an earth element doesn't mean it goes with your deck. you have to make sure that eevery card in your deck works with another card allowing your deck to be strong and be able to make do with alot of cards. if you put a card in your deck just because you want it in or because it's an earth element, you'll throw off the balance.

sorry if i sound mean, i really trying to help. if you want any more advice, just pm me. i'll go now though just in case you're mad at me. =D good luck with your deck! i used to run an earth deck myself ;D