My Extras for Trade


CoG iTrader

1 I do obey Ref Rules.

2 I do check Trader Reliability and Refs

3 I do NOT trade outside of the continental U.S.

4 I do look at lists.

5 Try to offer my wants. If not, at least make a reasonable offer.

6 If you don't ask for the condition of the cards, I assume you don't care.

7 If you read this, type "Elemental Hero Mania" at the beginning of your posts.

Dark Lucius Set-4,6,8

Guardian Sphinx
Blade Knight
Rocket Warrior
Dark Magic Curtain
Harpie's Feather Duster
Negate Attack

Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon 1/e
Super Conductor Tyranno 1/e
Black Luster Soldier
Vampire Genesis 1/e
Gilford the Legend 1/e
Exxod, Master of the Guard 1/e
Red-Eyes B. Dragon (SDJ)
Kaiser Sea Horse
Ring of Destruction

Ultimate Tyranno 1/e
Red Eyes B. Metal Dragon
Megarock Dragon x2
Gene-Warped Warwolf 1/e
Penguin Soldier
Inferno Reckless Summon 1/e
Black Luster Ritual
Magical Mallet 1/e
Magical Mallet
Dark Hole
Graceful Charity
Card Destruction x2
Shadow Spell 1/e
Spell Shield Type-8 1/e
Trojan Blast 1/e
The Grave of Enkindling 1/e

For Rares and Commons, just ask. I might have them. I have too many to list. If you're looking for a certain Ultra or Super, I might have it. I didn't list all of my cards.
But you'll have to offer big for them.
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Major High:

Evil Hero Cards


Elemental Hero Chaos Neos
Elemental Hero Magma Neos
Elemental Hero Neos Alius

Return Zombie
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Pending/Completed Trades:



Skyscraper 2-Hero City
Judgment of Anubis

Grand Neos
A few commons
greeneyescat: No I don't.

SoilentG: These are the ones I have:

Des Lacooda x2
Legendary Jujitsu Master
Morphing Jar (not for trade)
Mask of Darkness (rare and common)
Giant Orc
Vampire Lord
Spear Cretin
The Shallow Grave
Lightning Vortex x3 (all common)
Treeborn Frog (Ultimate)
Call of the Haunted x3 (all common)
Pot of Avarice (Common)
Night Assailant x2 (both common)
Giant Trunade x2-3 (common)
Gravekeeper's Servant x3
Enraged Muka Muka x2
Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower (Rare and common)
Book of Life x2 (both common)
How about this:

My Elemental Hero Grand Neos

for your:

Book of Life x1
Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower (common)
Gravekeeper's Servant x3
The Shallow Grave
Lightning Vortex x1
Giant Trunade
Enraged Muka Muka x1
I have Elemental Hero Captain Gold, Elemental Hero Phoenix Enforcer, Elemental Herl Shining Phoenix Enforcer, and Edge Hammer. I like the Zaborg. See my list (in signature) for additional wants. Thanks.
Jathro:So what is your offer for my Zaborg? I need Phoenix Enforcer, Shining Phoenix Enforcer, and Captain Gold.

darkriku19: I like the Skyscaper 2-Hero City. How about Promo Judgment of Anubis for it? I can't do Zaborg for it.
I was interested in Your Harpies Feather Duster. Please let me know what we can trade for. Also, if you have paypal i can buy it from you for a reasonable price.