Old School Power (BEWD)


This has been my primary Casual deck for going on Three years now, My friends and I play by the advanced format so this deck reflects that.

Name: Regal Power
Total: 40
Type: BEWD with a BEUD chaser

Monsters 5+

Monsters 4-
DD Assailant x2
Spear Dragon x2
Exiled force
Spirit Reaper
Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands x3
Paladin of White Dragon x2

Ancient Rules x2
Burst Stream of Destruction x2
White Dragon Ritual x2
Book of the Moon
Nobleman of Crossout
Premature Burial
Mystical Space Typhoon
Heavy Storm
Giant Trunade
Polymerization x2

Call of the Haunted
Mirror Force
Sakuretsu Armor x2
Magic Cylinder
Bottomless Trap Hole x2
Ring of Destruction
Barrel Behind the Door
Widespread Ruin
Dust Tornado

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

I'm tempted to run Dragons mirror instead of Poly, just to avoid the Poly top deck.
DM is much better than poly so trade in ploy for DM STAT!!

Also burst stream is almost always a dead draw so axing them completely is a good choice. To replace them Id say add in 2 mirage dragons. Dont want any traps stopping you now do we.

Double the exiled and drop the barrel behind the door. If ya have it in there for use with ring very situational and almost never gets done. Aside from that the only other reason to run it is against burn and one barrel wont do nothing to a burn deck so overall a wasted card

I havent had any sleep so I cant think of any more suggestions right now. Give me some time and suggestions will be made again....
I have figured out what should be done next.

Since ya wanna play jinzo in it and dragons dont generally need any traps to help them out (especially since jinzo makes them useless ad dragons are such powerhouses) lets see what traps to axe.

Axe them all except for call of the haunted and ring of destruction. After that add in 3 royal decrees. Or two whichever ya choose.

Add in a couple more dragons as well. An extra spear dragon, a twin headed behemoth, maybe 3 masked dragons. And when theyre out some exploder dragons for added monster removal.
I've got two Exploders now and the problem I face is removing cards to fit them in.

Well... to fit ONE in, I was able to slip one in when I removed my BBtD.
I would take out the 2 Burst Stream of Distruction. They are very bad for you late in the game when you need a game changing card. It is very unlikely that you will get it out at the same time as Blue-Eyes. But the most important change is this... Put in Dragon's Mirror! It is so much better than Polymerization. Also get Five Headed Dragon in there. Just watch their faces when you get it out.:crying
If you're looking to play Blue Eyes for the sake of playing Blue Eyes you might try what I've had in my casual Blue Eyes deck, that being, combining it with The Creator. In this way you can use The Creator Incarnate and Kaibaman in conjunction with Reinforcements to search for the both of them and Warrior Returning Alive to bring them back from the graveyard. Throw in a pair of Exiled Force (The Creator and Exiled Force are big buddies) and a copy of Card of Safe Return is helpful in this deck as well.

Another direction to go is to use the new support for normal monsters (Birthright) and Ancient Rules....or if you don't have Birthright then try Soul Resurrection.
Possibly use Dragon's Mirror, then slip in Black Luster Soldier (THE RITUAL), Advanced Ritual Art, and - wait for it - Dragon Master Knight.

So, Manju to search for ARA or BLS, then send a BEWD to the graveyard. Finally stir a little Dragon's Mirror into the mix and we have a very big and angry monster. X3
-1 Barrel Behind the Door
-1 Dust Tornado

+2 Smashing Ground

I noticed that you had very little monster removal in spells, that you had it mainly in the form of traps. And these traps didn't seem to help. (Especially not Barrel Behind the Door.) And Smashing Ground is the best monster removal in the form of a spell that destroys a faceup monster.