Paper Tigers Normal Beastdown deck


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This is my standard deck, and while it's not all that impressive compared to the elitist tournament decks, it serves me fairly well, enough to stop my roommate's pure Gladiator Beast deck cold, most of the time (it usually comes down to whether he can get out Barbaros or Heraklinos before I can get out my key cards). The deck centers around my beasts and controlling the field with my spell and trap cards; Berserking and Burden of the Mighty ensure my monsters are stronger than the opponent, Swords of Revealing Light and Wall of Revealing Light prevent my opponent from attacking, while By Order of the Emperor and Royal Oppression prevents the opponent from nailing me with a Special Summon monster or a Monarch effect (while at the same time prevent my King Tiger from killing off my weak Normal Monsters). It won't be entirely complete until the next set, Stardust Overdrive, comes out in the states, as it has two cards I need for this deck (Tribute to the Devil, which lets me summon a level 4 or lower Normal monster by sending 1 Special Summoned monster on the field to the graveyard - really good against DAD; and Spiritual Forest, which lets me save 1 of my monsters from being destroyed by battle once per turn). Please give me some constructive criticism about this deck. Thanks.

Tiger King Wanghu x2
The All-Seeing White Tiger x3
Soul Tiger x3
Tiger Axe x3
Amazoness Tiger x2
Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger x2
Sleeping Lion x3
Nekogal #1 x3

Sangan x1
Coach Goblin x2
Moja x2

Swords of Revealing Light x1
Mystical Space Typhoon x1
Order to Charge x2
Wild Nature's Release x2
A Feather of the Phoenix x2
Burden of the Mighty x2
Double Summon x2
Heart of the Underdog x2

Dust Tornado x2
Dark Bribe x2
Wall of Revealing Light x1
By Order of the Emperor x2
The Transmigration Prophecy x1

Royal Oppression x2
Berserking x2

Side Deck:
Imperial Custom x2
Divine Wrath x2
Common Charity x2
Justi-Break x2
Mask of Darkness x2
Giant Trunade x1

Cards Needed but Unreleased:
Tribute to the Devil x2 (replaces Double Summon)
Spiritual Forest x2
Woodland Archer x2 (NOMI Beast-Warrior that can be brought out if you have 2 or more Normal monsters in the graveyard; might replace with something else, though.)
I personally would say replacing the dust tornados(which i'm sure you find useful) with a Solem Judment(since we are only alowed 1 now) and a second Royal Oppersion. Although I would replace the King Tiger Wanghu's with something not sure what though, because I can't see it being that useful in this deck with all the low ATK monsters I can only see it being a problem.