"Pwnd!" #3.5 A Note about Pwnd!

Digital Jedi

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If your wondering why you haven't seen an issue in a great long while, it's because I've been waiting for a few things to come together at home. Note that sometime around the middle of this month, production of Pwnd! will begin in earnest again. I've been awaiting certain tools to arrive and they should be arriving this month. Specifically, I'm waiting to get my Wacom tablet, which should cut my production time for these comics almost in half. I've already written about 15 more of these for the coming months, so hopefully the strips aren't terrible outdated by the time they arrive.

Terribly sorry for the huge delay, and I hope you'll continue to check the comics out once production starts up again.
You know, I have a bad habit of announcing these things too soon. So I figured if I waited till right around the last minute, I would be safe. Not so. Turns out I won't be getting my tablet anytime soon. And I'm a little chagrined about it.
Bum deal my friend. If it is any consolation, it'll be a while before I get my iPod touch. 8^D
<drools /> Ahhh, going with the UltraPortable eh? Quite nice! If I wasn't doing programming, I would have gotten one myself, however, I prefer the real estate for my coding, so I went with a 17" laptop again. You going to get the linux version on that eee or go with XP?
Linux. Going to turn it into a hacking tool. Im looking to move into forensic computig and securities so itd come in handy Plus itd be fun to mess with the wireless networks around here for a bit cos the largest wireless net provider here has a fatal flaw in their routers that exposes the wep encryption key. Its a wonderfully silly thing where ya get the number generated from the base name assigned to it do some calculations to get the serial number add a string of text do some more simple calculations and ya have the full wep key. They dont seem to be too fussed on fixing it either cos its been reported a bunch of times to them.