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1. Reference rules apply unless you have negative feedback and/or if you're from another country than the US, then you have ship first.

2. Each individual card must be in a soft sleeve that is inside a hard sleeve. That's how I'll ship them and expect them to be shipped that way. Also, I fold a standard piece of paper around the bundle tightly so the cards don't slip out during rough handling and expect you to do the same. No tape on hard cover opennings... only to hold paper wrap closed.

3. Please post your H/W list or link.

4. My main goal is getting cards for playing and not deck pimping so I prefer lowest rarity. I prefer Mint/Near Mint cards but am willing to accept other as long as I know before we seal the deal they are not Mint/Near Mint.

5. I only offer cards that are Mint/Near Mint and will let you know before we seal the deal if it's closer to one or the other if you need to know. Please ask if you need to know.


Supercharge PoTD 1e

Gemini Imps
Return Zombie

Andro Sphinx x2
Kaiser Sea Horse x2 one is 1e
Sphinx Teleia
The Forceful Sentry
Theinen the Great Sphinx x2
Tyrant Dragon (htg)

Big Core RDS
Card of Sanctity
Cunning of the Six Samurai
Javelin Beetle
Magic Jammer
Mask of Dispel
Metalmorph PP01
Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin
Phantom of Chaos
Reaper on the Nightmare (htg)
The Grave of Enkindling 1e
Zera the Mant

Alien Telepath
Appropriate x2
Coffin Seller
Cyber Barrier Dragon (DP04) (w/ Attack Reflector Unit - com)
Cyber Laser Dragon
Destiny Hero - Defender
Double Coston
D.D.M. Different Dimension Master 1e
Elemental Hero Bladedge (DP03) 1e
Fairy Meteor Crush
Hunter Dragon
Gaia Soul the Combustible Collective
Hero Signal
Infernal Incinerator 1e
Jack's Knight 1e
King's Knight
Limiter Removal
Mefist the Infernal General
Mother Grizzly
Necklace of Command 1e
Negate Attack
Neos Force 1e
Neo Space Pathfinder 1e
Ojama King
Ojamagic 1e
Ojamuscle 1e
Ojamuscle (x2)
Reaper on the Nightmare
Ring of Magnetism
Riryoku Field
Sage of Silence 1e
Sasuke Samurai #4
Spellbinding Circle x2
System Down 1e
Talisman of Spell Sealing 1e
The Legendary Fisherman
Thousand Energy 1e
Thousand-Eyes Jelly Fish

Commons (of interest):
Harpies support:
-Harpie Girl (x2)
-Harpie Lady (x2)
-Harpie Lady 1 (x2)
-Harpie Lady 2 (x3)
-Harpie Lady Sisters
-Harpie's Brother
-Elegant Egoist
-Harpie's Hunting Ground (x3)

Fenrir (IOC) 1e
Gravity Bind x2
Swift Birdman Joe (EOJ) 1e
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Lowest Rarity preferred: (yes, I want commons... heh)

Definitely Want:
Pulling the Rug x2
Asura Priest x2
Morphing Jar x2
Des Koala x2
Bottomless Trap Hole x3
Zombie Master x2
Necroface x2
Dark Illusion x2
Decayed Commander x2
Swords of Concealing Light x2
The Spell Absorbing Life x2

Gravekeeper's Servant x2
Goblin Elite Attack Force x2
Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV6 x2
Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8
Torrential Tribute

If I can wish that I have anything worthy to trade:
Cyber Dragon x3 (any rarity)
Exploder Dragon x2
Dimension Fusion x2

Sorted by priority.
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Trades Completed and Pending


Jathro: Treeborn Frog, Mole, Vampire Lord
My: Meltiel, Sage of the Sky, Great Spirit x2
Mutual Postive Ratings (re-rated Jathro on new forums)

magnaangemon01: bunch of commons
My: Elemental Hero Grand Neos
Mutual Postive Ratings (mutually re-rated on new forums)

redlordofvampires: bunch of stuff
My: Drop Off, Susa Soldier, Spiral Serpent, Bazoo, Miracle Fusion and a number of commons.
Mutual Postive Ratings (re-rated redlordofvampires on new forums)

aznpinoy91: bunch of commons
My: bunch of commons
Mutual Postive Ratings (re-rated aznpinoy91 on new forums)

darkriku19: bunch of commons and Rafflesia Seduction
My: super Cyber Phoenix 1e, common Gravekeeper's Spy
Mutual Postive Ratings (mutually re-rated on new forums)

emeralddragon: super Giant Trunade
My: rare Cyber-Stein, rare RotA
Mutual Postive Ratings (mutually re-rated on new forums)

greeneyescat: bunch of commons
My: Neo-Spacian Grand Mole
Mutual Postive Ratings (mutually re-rated on new forums)

krishna: Monster Reincarnation (holo), The Shallow Grave (common), Cobra Jar (common), Swarm of Locusts (common), Desertapir (common), Troop Dragon (common), Call of the Haunted (common), Heavy Storm (common)
My: Ruthless Denial (super), Magical Hats (rare), Ninjitsu Art of Transformation (common) x1, White Ninja (common) x1, Advanced Ritual Art (common) x1
Mutual Postive Ratings (mutually re-rated on new forums)

dark_clownz: Monster Reincarnation(common), The Shallow Grave(common), Swarm of Locusts (common), Return from the Different Dimension(common), Heavy Storm (common), Lightning Vortex (common), Five-Headed Dragon (ultra rare)
My: Neo-Spacian Grand Mole (rare), Shrink (super - limited), Penquin Soldier (rare), Royal Command (rare)
Mutual Postive Ratings (mutually re-rated on new forums)

dark_clownz: Giant Trunade(common), Pot of Avarice x2(common), Mystic Tomato x3(common), RfDD(common)
My: Cystral Beast Sapphire Pegasus(ultra)
Mutual Postive Ratings


DarkMagicUser: Giant Trunade (common), Warrior Lady of the Wasteland x2 (common), Maurading Captain(common), Needle Worm (common), Skull Servant (common), Axe of Despair (ultra), Mage Power (ultra) RECEIVED
My: Cyber End Dragon (super), Cystral Beast Sapphire Pegasus (ultimate)
Positive Rating left for DarkMagicUser
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on your marjor list wants i couldnt find anything yet ill keep looking but on your regular wants that i could find from looking i found

return from different dimension
call of the haunted
desert sunlight
axe of despair
heavy storm

all in common form
Of those I'm most interested in:

return from different dimension
desert sunlight
axe of despair

When do you think you'll know about the other commons?
well im still looking, but i found swarm of locusts and 1 skull servant. I dont know how but a large chunk of my cards are MIA right now. The only torrential tribute i found is ultra rare the only Pot of Avarice i could find was super rare.
Hiya Emerald... I only have one and darkriku19 has dibs on it right now since he(?) asked first. Sorry man!

Cyber-Stein ? Heh, you think he'll come off the ban list? There isn't any rares on your list that I'm interested in. Can you check your commons for the ones in my Definitely Want list?
hmm those were the only cards i could find at the moment. If theres anything else you want you could always CML
have you send out your items yet from our trade ... ur cards should have arrived already .... i also wanted cyber phoenix eoj

check my list for what u want please
Hmmm. Well soilent hows this then. choose a more rare card if ya like (There must be something nice) then offer whatever ya like to add in from your side. i dont much care once i get the cyber-stein. I dont think he will be back any time soon but its nice to have for fun games.
How you doing? I would be interested in your GK Spy and Cyberstein, I would be willing to add a little something to a secret Cyber Dragon for both of them, let me know what you think, thanks.
aznpinoy91 said:
have you send out your items yet from our trade ... ur cards should have arrived already .... i also wanted cyber phoenix eoj

check my list for what u want please

aznpinoy91... yep! I got yours yesterday and sent yours this morning. I'll be leaving positive feedback for you after I post this and ask that you do the same when you get yours. Since it took 3-4 days to get here I suspect it will be there Saturday or Monday.

So far as the Cyber Phoenix EOJ, darkriku19 and I settled a trade last night and it's not available any longer. I'll pull it from my Haves.