Spellcaster Deck

I realize one flaw. This deck is not completely made up of Spellcasters. I plan to change this, but I don't have a source of income. I do have a rough plan, though. But as it stands, this is my deck.

This deck is built to summon and keep out my Dark Magicians.

LV 1-4 Monsters
Battle Footballer
Frequency Magician
Gemini Elf
Giant Soldier of Stone
Great Angus
Jester Lord
Magical Exemplar
Mystical Elf
Neo The Magic Swordsman
Pixie Knight
Rogue Doll
Skilled Dark Magician x2
White Magician Pikeru x2
Witch Doctor of Chaos

LV 5-UP Monsters

Blue-Eyes White Dragon
Dark Magician x3 (Each art style :p)
Summoned Skull

Magic Cards

Ancient Rules x3
Dark Factory of Mass Production
Double Summon
Magicians Unite x2
Monster Reborn
Rush Recklessly
Smashing Ground
Soul Exchange
Summoner's Art
Swing of Memories
Symbols of Duty

Trap Cards

Cemetary Bomb
Draining Shield
Dust Tornado x2
Magic Cylinder
Negate Attack x2
Raigeki Break
Sakuretsu Armor
Soul Resurrection

I realize 49 cards is a bit large, but I've never had a problem drawing the right cards. (Yes. I sort of do believe in the "Heart of the Cards". As dumb as it may sound.)