Sphinx / Metamorphosis

John Danker

As we can use two copies of Metamorphosis again I was looking for a way to take advantage of it. I once made a Sphinx deck that was...well...inconsistant...but I thought that I might combine my Metamorphosis thought with it and see what I can come up with. Cyber End Dragon should be a since to get to the field.

I'd appreciate any help you can suggest with this quickly written deck list...

Monsters: 22
1ea Theinen The Great Sphinx
3ea Andro Sphinx
3ea Sphinx Teleia
2ea Cyber Dragon
1ea Cat of Ill Omen
1ea Mask of Darkness
2ea Berserk Gorilla
2ea Enraged Battle Ox
2ea Giant Rat
3ea Nimble Momonga
1ea Spirit Reaper
1ea Sangan

Fusion Monsters: 3
3ea Cyber End Dragon
3ea Dark Balter the Terrible
1ea Reaper of the Nightmare
2ea Fiend Skull Dragon
2ea Cyber Twin Dragon
2ea Gatling Dragon
2ea Super Vehicroid Jumbo Drill
3ea Ryu Senshi

Spells: 9
1ea Heavy Storm
1ea Mystical Space Typhoon
1ea Snatch Steal
1ea Nobleman of the Crossout
1ea Giant Trunade
1ea Scapegoat
1ea Book of Moon
2ea Metamorphosis

Traps: 10
3ea Pyramid of Light
1ea Dust Tornado
1ea Beast Soul Swap
1ea Mirror Force
1ea Call Of The Haunted
1ea Torrential Tribute
1ea The Transmigration Prophecy
1ea Interdimensional Matter Transporter

Side Deck: 15
1ea Jinzo
2ea Twister
1ea Interdimensional Matter Transporter
1ea Mobius The Frost Monarch
1ea Criosphinx
1ea Lightning Vortex
1ea Robin Goblin
2ea King Tiger Wanghu
2ea Pole Position
2ea Gigantes
1ea Exxod, Master of the Guard
John, you need to post this at the CSC, too. You might get some ideas there you wouldn't ordinarily get anywhere else.