untitled king tiger deck


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someone had posted a question on the UDE boards and that got me thinking about a deck.

without further ado...

total 41:

monsters 20:
trib 4:
1x airknight parshath
1x evil hero malicious edge
1x mobius the frost monarch
1x prime material dragon

non-trib 16:
1x amazoness swordswoman (warrior)
2x command knight (warrior)
3x king tiger wanghu
1x magician of faith
3x marauding captain (warrior)
1x marshmallon
2x mataza the zapper (warrior)
1x mystic swordsman lv 4 (warrior)
1x spear dragon
1x spirit reaper

spells 16:
3x burden of the mighty
1x double summon
1x gaia power
1x heavy storm
1x lightning vortex
1x mage power
1x MST
1x pot of avarice
1x premature
2x reinforcement of the army
1x shield crush
1x the warrior returning alive
1x united we stand

traps 5:
1x call of the haunted
2x light of intervention
1x spell shield
1x torrential

as seems to be the problem with me, another off-balance deck.
the solid lock is king tiger + burden + light

also a little concerned about normal monster removal (notice lack of exiled, smashing ground, sakuretsu)

rate/fix, suggestion, monies, hate. lay it on me.