whos that mokemon

Is it the other lunar pokemon Darkrai?

Or is the wish pokemon Jirachi?

Or perhaps it's the legendary water wolf pokemon known as Suicune?
Nope not thoose.
Aright Noctowl and Darkrai are probably the closest you have come so far, in one wy or another.
Well Darkrai is a pure dark and that guess was close

also Noctowl was close guess had Noctowl is a flying so perhaps a

a dark flying?

is it

or maybe Honchkrow?
you've almost went to the opposite of what i ment, but you've got close with one part of it. Basicly that's a no to thoose 2
It's been a while so I'm going to reboot the game.
But before I do the last answer was Machamp the clues were comparing him to general Greivous from starwars.

new pokemon
clue 1 I like to drink the liquid from trees, I am healed by the rain, I can put you in a sticky situation, who am I?