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Name: Tully R. Gibney
Age: 14
Location: Middle CA

Hi, I play DM, YGO, Magic, Poke'mon and a little bit of other stuff. I plan on going to the pro circurt this year for DM, YGO or Poke'mon. I play tennis and guitar. I suck at spelling. Hope to duel you sometime.
Greetings Hokge, welcome to the City. We won't hold the spelling against you, some of our moderators are bad at it as well. :)

What kind of YGO deck do you play?
I suck at spelling.
It's kind of funny that you mention that, because by the looks of your Introduction thread, your spelling is far superior to the average of this forum. Of course, I shouldn't speak ill of the forum average - many of our members speak English only as a second or third language, so they can't be expected to type perfectly. But still, I don't understand why those most critical of their own spelling are the best at it. Wait, yes I do.

Wow, this is pointless.

Hello and welcome to the forums. I'm fourteen, as well.
Welcome. An old school Warrior Deck? Post it and let's take a look. Please let us know how we can be of any help.
^ what he saided.

me bad spell? thta unpossible! enjoy your stay here, and just remember to not feed the ani- I mean gamers. :D
Welcome. Hope you like it here better than Pojo.

And it's nice to see an intro thread from an actual NEW member.........with all the latest intro threads.....just kidding.

But if you have any questions about the game or anything else, feel free to ask. Some of the most helpful judges in the game are regulars here.
Jathro said:
There are a good number of LV3 Judges here. All present, raise your hand...
John Danker