YVD - Yu-Gi-Oh! Virtual Desktop

I'd like to mention Hamachi. Its a nice little networking program that will allow anyone to host YVD. Some firewalls and wireless routers won't allow you to host a YVD duel, so if two people happen to be unable to host then they can use Hamachi to allow them to. Its also a nice way to prevent giving out your IP address as Hamachi generates a new one for your opponent to connect with.

Hrm, I thought we already had Sticky for Hamachi. Well, if you don't mind, would you start a separate thread for Hamachi when you get the chance and I'll sticky it in this section.
Is it possible to run YVD on computers with non-english Vista windows? We tried to make it work with a friend and used all possible possiblities (some of which were mention on the site) and tried to use Hamachi, but failed miserably.
That might be better answered in the YVD forums themselves. Unfortunately I haven't run it in so long that I can't give a straight answer. They do have a 9.0 version in beta that you can check out as well through their forums. That might have better success.
YVD 9.0 Final has been officially released. Program, sets, and images can be downloaded here -

Note: both the 8.6 and 9.0 set files are compatible with YVD 9.0. The 9.0 file allows for cards in more than one set to be made just once with the respective card #'s and set abbreviations grouped together, allowing the card to show up multiple times like before. This way it's no longer necessary to make the whole card multiple times and the set file, itself, is smaller.
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Download, yes. Upload, er, no. You download YVD, install it just like any other program and then connect to the chat network or just connect to someone who's sent you their ISP. Or vice versa.