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Hi i'm kind of new here and im looking to sell a few cards, just pm me or negotiate for the price on them. If you want commons rares etc ask and i might have them. FYI i have no cards from the last two sets.
If you need pics pm me and ill try to get them up asap.

These are what i have for sale that are the rarest or i think are most wanted and all are mint and english. Ill only sell in USA
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wants list

Cash, im trying to get rid of my cards and need some money for school =(
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Rarest/Most wanted haves

Card Trooper x2 ultra
Mirror Force MRD ultra
Dark magician of Chaos ultra IOC
Destiny hero malicious
destiny hero disk commander
Pot of avarice ULT 2x super
Crystal Seer 2x ULT 2x ultra
raiza 2x ULT 3x super
Thestalos 3x super
snipe hunter CP
treeborn frog ULT
Cyber dragon 1DP 2tin
Brain control 1 ULT 2 super
Zaborg 2x super
Heavy Storm HL/Misprint super
mobius 1 ULT 1 super
zombie master super
dda super
rare value ULt
great shogun shien ULT
jinzo psv secret
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my-diabolos, king of the abyss-secret rare
his-volcanic rocket promo, volcanic shell rare, volcanic slicer rare,messenger of peace and 2 legendary jujitsu masters

my-raiza the storm monarch-super rare
his-2x-volcanic rocket promo 1x- volcanic shell rare 1x- volcanic shell ultimate rare

my-skyscraper 2-hero city-super rare
his- judgment of anubis-promo

my-bunch of commons
SoilentG- dekoichi-rare, cyber phoenix EOJ

pending- none
Would there be any chance of you sending to ireland at all? Just asking cos some people are very rigid and others flexible when different countries are involved.
depending on how big the trade is i might change my mind, but i really have no idea how to send something to ireland =/
simply check what the postage is for europe with it kept as light as possible. It doesnt really take much more than that. Ya only need to sign forms and stuff for largish stuff. A few cards (2-3 toploaders) wont need much more than adequate postage.

Saying that now I like the following....

2x great shogun

My list is in my sig. needs a slight bit of updating but have a look and tell me if anything so far catches your fancy.
k itll probably be 2 or 3 days before i can mail it because i wont even get home from school/drivers training/work until 1030 pm
I am interested in
diabolos, king of the abyss
raiza the storm monarch
I would give you 2 Zaborgs for them

I also have Judgement of Anubis or Bazoo's if you would prefer them.