darkriku's have/wants list

small update. found some cards that were stashed in the corner of my room. But if anyone has 3x- wave motion cannons 3x- fox fires and a pulling the rug ill be willing to put invicil or something of that nature up for trade.
I'm still looking through my commons. They're not as well organized as the rest. Fox Fires shouldn't be an issue. Wave Motion Cannons however... those buggers aren't the easiest to find.
k, I thought id have some as theyre commons in DB1 and in MFC but i just cant seem to find even one of them.
edit= 1 neo spacian grand mole, 1 ultimate rare sky scourge norleras, 1 harpie queen, 1 zeradias, herald of heaven
Hey i can get my hands on a dark bribe...hell actually all 3 of the promo cards if ya need...you have any GK spys? those could be a great throw in...liking your seer and raiza's and stuff but pm me and we can talk it out ^-^