Divine Neos and gemini


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if Divine Neos removers Elemental Hero Neos Alius and is Summoned again using his effect will it lose it's other effects?

and if so for how long?
"Elemental Hero Divine Neos" will have its name treated as "Elemntal Hero Noes", but maintains all of its other effects. When you second summon a Gemini Monster, since it does not leave the field, any previously placed conditions or effects stay "attached" to the Gemini Monster. As such, Divine Neos, after gaining Alius' effect and being "second summoned" other than having its name changed, still has all of its other effects. This lasts, as Divine Neos' text dictates, until the end of the turn.

Sorry this took so long to answer, I guess I missed yesterday's session here (I check in once a day).
Actually, it would be the same as "Majestic Star Dragon":
If you negate the effect of a Gemini monster that is being treated as a Normal Monster, you cannot activate its effect. If you negated the effect of a Gemini Monster after it's been Normal Summoned again, you cannot activate the negated effect because "Majestic Star Dragon" cannot be Summoned twice.​
"Elemental Hero Divine Neos" copies the effects of the removed monster. Being able to be "Gemini Summoned" is not an effect - it is a Summoning Condition - so "Elemental Hero Divine Neos" won't copy it. "Elemental Hero Divine Neos" will copy the effect of being treated as a Normal Monster, and will retain the ATK increase.