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Bringer of Doom
Personal trading guidelines.

I am in ireland so its easiest for me to send things around europe but further than that it might take a while to get to you.

A few of my cards (not all) have some general wear and tear. If you have cards that arent mint dont worry I am not too picky about a few small marks I use deck sleeves anyway. Nothing in exceptionally bad condition obviously.

My work schedule is pretty eratic so it might be a day or two before i can send things out but they will be sent at the earliest possible time.

Apart from that everythings fine with me as long as your honest. Basic you mess me about and ya get a bad rating promise applies though so dont mess me around and i wont mess you around.


This is my have list in no particular order. If there are things ya want that arent listed please ask as i may have them just not noticed them for a while.

I have not listed my commonsa s there are obviously a lot. Simply ask for something and ya never know i might have a few spares.

Ultimate Rare

Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem
Psychic Overload

Ultra Rare

Armed dragon LV7
Elemental Hero Shining Flare Wingman
Drastic Drop Off
blackluster soldier
infernal flame emperror
gaia the fierce knight
judgement of anubis
kaiser seahorse
vampire genesis
exxod master of the guard
elemental hero bladedge
ring of destruction
dark magician
Dark magician of chaos
multiple piece golem

Super Rare

graceful charity
dedication through light and darkness
soul exchange
abyss soldier
demise king of armageddon
golden flying fish
goblin elite attack force
lord of d
kinka byo
deep diver
bazoo the soul eater
storm shooter
gemini summoner
orca mega fortress of darkness
bubble blaster
black luster ritual
cyber blader
deck devastation virus
the flte of summoning dragon
shadow spell
the first sarcophagus
twinheaded beast
vwxyz dragon catapult cannon
sky scourge enrise
chaosrider gustaph
the grave of enkindling
fusion guard
bes covered core
pikerus circle of enchantment
gryphon wing
bes tetran
penguin soldier
maha vailo
null and void
clay charge
destiny hero disk commander
Nitro Synchron
eternal Dread
Kycoo Giestxerstorer (The ghost Destroyer)

Secret rare

alpha the magnet warrior
gamma the magnet warrior
hero spirit
aqua chorus
thousand knives
Dark General Freed
Shield Crush
Red Dragon Archfiend

Ask about rares if you want any in particular.
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Any rarity will do but what you give is what you get as far as trades go. Offer commons expect little offer ultra expect lots.

Five-Headed Dragon x2
Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon x2
Allure of Darkness x 3
Solemn Judgment x3
Dark Bribe x3
Mirror Force x1
Any and all synchro monsters. As many as possible
Any and all hobby leauge promos and gold supers or higher

Anything cool

Anything WoW related
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Completed/Pending Trades

rating = what i was rated / what i rated the trader

Completed Trade = Shadowdragon + Fuzzman - rating = +1/+1
Completed Trade = Drayon - rating = +1/+1
Completed trade = Jathro - rating = +1/+1
Completed trade = Atrusofkrondor - rating = +1/+1
Completed trade = generalpdw - rating = +1/+1
Completed Trade = MightyDingo - rating = +1/+1
Completed trade = Ojimaru - rating = +1/+1
Completed trade = Deepdark - rating = +1/+1
Completed Trade = redlordofvampires - rating = +1/+1
Completed Trade = Greeneyescat - rating = +1 / +1
Completed Trade = SoilentG - +1 / +1

Pending = status of their trade portion - status of my trade portion

None right now.
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It's always kinda bothered me that your trade thread lost its formatting, so I went ahead and fixed it for you. You now have all four posts where their supposed to be.
Now youre just rubbing it in. Youre just lucky i like you mister. *Shakes fist*

So....... Want anything off my list? Im still waiting on feedback of what vs cards ya have. i still want my avengers and some squad.
Small updates from enemy of justice....... finally.

Some things people might want. look at the top cards in each section to see whats new.
Hey there.

From your list, the one I liked the most was the E-Hero Shining Phoenix Enforcer and Wild Nature's Release. Also for your misprints I'm assuming are just regular commons that happened to have the Ultra Rare title?

And who was your sister so I can look at her thread too. Thanks.
How bad do you want a BEUD and Cyber Dragon? PM me if you're willing to do a good size trade for them. Since we've traded before, you know I'm trustworthy and my cards are mint.