EmeraldDragon's trading post

Dude I dont really need the BEUD anymore cos a mate of mine sorted me out in that respect but any cyber dragons ya have i would like so name your price and yeah i know i can trust you. And yay i get to send first again cos im still miles away from your trading level. Maybe i need better cards.....
I like these from your Have List. Some I want more, but I don't have much from your Want List. I'm not going to trade my Mirror Force for any of these cards, but I do have an Ultimate Diamond Dude if you want that!!! BTW, I need to know the exact problems with each card (if there are problems).

I'm sure if you check my list, you can find something else. Find what you want, PM me then we can shorten this list. TTYL.

Ultimate Rare
Majestic mech - goryu

Ultra Rare
Monster Reborn
Vampire Genesis
[url="http://www.cogonline.net/threads.15735#"]Infernal Flame Emperor
Dark Necrofear[/url]
Raviel, Lord of Phantasms
[url="http://www.cogonline.net/threads.15735#"][url="http://www.cogonline.net/threads.15735#"][url="http://www.cogonline.net/threads.15735#"][url="http://www.cogonline.net/threads.15735#"][url="http://www.cogonline.net/threads.15735#"][url="http://www.cogonline.net/threads.15735#"][url="http://www.cogonline.net/threads.15735#"][url="http://www.cogonline.net/threads.15735#"][url="http://www.cogonline.net/threads.15735#"][url="http://www.cogonline.net/threads.15735#"][url="http://www.cogonline.net/threads.15735#"][url="http://www.cogonline.net/threads.15735#"]Dark Magician[/url][/url][/url][/url][/url][/url][/url][/url][/url] Girl[/url][/url][/url]

Super Rare
Emes the Infinity
Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV6
[url="http://www.cogonline.net/threads.15735#"][url="http://www.cogonline.net/threads.15735#"]Soul [url="http://www.cogonline.net/threads.15735#"][url="http://www.cogonline.net/threads.15735#"]Exchange[/url][/url][/url][/url]
[url="http://www.cogonline.net/threads.15735#"][url="http://www.cogonline.net/threads.15735#"]bazoo the soul eater
The Flute of Summoning Dragon[/url]

Secret rare
Gamma The Magnet Warrior
Thousand Knives
[url="http://www.cogonline.net/threads.15735#"]Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8[/url]
Hero Spirit
Silent Swordsman LV5[/url]

bazoo the soul eater x2
new taev cards. come and get em folks. gemini summoner not listed cos it hasnt arrived yet. damn couriers messed up the delivery.
From your list I dont really see much I want. I actually got a couple chirons so i dont need any more there but I still need one soldier so how about 1 soldier and 1 dimension fusion for necro and gustaph.
Im intersted in Riaza the Storm Monarch, Rare enemy controller+reckless greed.

I have a five headed dragon, and just CML