I'm Officially Confused

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Can someone please tell me the exact definition of the word "official" when referring to sources on Yu-Gi-Oh! rules, policies, and etiquette?

I've been hearing a lot of talk about it, and I'd like to understand more what people are saying. The Judges' List is not an official source of rulings, correct? But it IS an official source of policy updates, etc, correct?
I've been seeing many threads that always create that "i'm right you're wrong", "no i'm right you're wrong" these days, IMHO this isn't a matter of who did, say, explained what, it is a matter of what are the facts in all, the fact is that even if we are NOT in agreeance with the List we HAVE to accept it.

If there isn't anything to accept then the most logical thing to do is just post the reasons in there or directly contact Konami to tell them how "wrong and unofficial" the List is, but we can't do that now can we? Why? Because without it we can get lost with the lack of information given in "official" sources.

The Judge List is like a Referee, whether or not the player doesn't agree with their calls (because they CONFLICT with official rulings), they can't do anything but ACCEPT it.
When I first started playing this game specific card rulings didn't exist. We had a judge and he did the best that he could. Was that the official way to play the game? After awhile the Netrepâ„¢ files were released giving players some direction. UDE then took over and posted an faq on their website. These ruling were what the game was to be played by and still are. If there isn't a ruling then you use your best judgement to give one. That is what the Jugde List does. Give a ruling to the best of their knowledge. I could care less if it is official or not. They give the players a direction to go in. If its found out they were wrong then a ruling will be posted on UDE's website correcting them.
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