Mar. 25th & Mar. 26th, Long Beach, CA - Shonen Jump Championship


Council of Heroes
Long Beach, California Shonen Jump Champtionship
Hosted by Southern California Gaming Events

Saturday, Mar. 25th, 2006
(Finals to be held on Mar. 26th)

Long Beach Convention Center
300 East Ocean Boulevard
Long Beach, CA 90802
For directions click here.

Event starts at 10:00:00 AM
Event Registration starts at 8:00:00 AM

Entry Fee

Tournament Format
Advance Format - Constructed - Swiss
Ooh, looks like there will be a group. If you didn't happen to see the regional thread, I've been asked to judge, so I'll be there with my Kozaky lanyard! Good luck and make CoGgers proud! 8^D
Look for this guy.


And you'll find me.

And if you can't remember that picture.

I'll be the guy that does a lot of Fonzie gestures. Like the thumbs and snapping, also a lot of "Woaaahhh..." and "Ayyy..."

It should be easy to find me.
well unless inu and his buddy's from Freemont decide to make the drive that basically just means you will see your few local Socals over there.

I might not even go lol, we have been test playing our PTQ decks so much this week we havent found time for other things. :)
I just saw this on the ude forums.......

Hey everybody. Just to give you a heads up if you don't know. SJC Long Beach was HORRIBLE!!! About 90% of the players were running the same deck types. On top of that, . . . MOST of the judges WERE HORRIBLE!! Bad rulings, bad attitudes, . . . and some hints of favoritism. And unfortunately, . . . regionals was EXACTLY the same. I do believe the highlight of the weekend was when my friend from AZ, Donald A.K.A. Roy Youngbull defeated Sang Bui (number 4 ranked in the WORLD) for a Des Volstegaph, . . . with A BURN DECK!!! So, needless to say, . . . AZ took a premiere card home. For future reference guys, . . . if you go to a Regionals or something in Long Beach, . . . if you judge rules poorly, . . . ALWAYS appeal to the head judge. It's not worth possibly losing the match.

Was it really like that or did this guy possibly just have a bad day and view it wrongly?
everyone has their own viewpoint. If this person was severely invested emotionally in his game and his friends performance, then it is likely that they felt put upon.

Interesting how this person notes that they didn't like the judge's rulings, but also mention how they should have appealed to the Head Judge. Makes you wonder about them. They obviously didn't feel strongly enough about their case to appeal it. But strong enough to complain about it afterwards?? I have a hard time giving a lot of creedance to that kind of statement.

you notice how the "highlight" of such a big event only centered around his friend, and his local area? Im not dismissing him entirely, as a Burn deck winning is quite interesting, and young Mr. Adair's performance had to have been amazing considering the numbers and quality of duelists he faced, but I think its all just a bit skewed on the perspective of this particular poster.
Well im assuming some people here possibly judged at this event and i was hoping they might have noticed any rulings that werent up to scratch or anything like that that can possibly be prevented next time round.
word up nukka, thats now how it happend.

how me and my friends see it is that adair got lucky just like Philip. Ive played with them numerous amounts of times and heck during the event mr. adair lost 4 Mirror Forces during games that werent part of the event with the same deck.

all my friend had to say on the subject was, "He got lucky, stupid luck for all that it matters cause we were there when he lost one of the Mirror Forces."

Phill is a great guy, I play magic with him since I stoped playing YGO and my friend said this, "it was his lucky day. His deck consists of nothing but stupid hand advantage, and its funny how nobody exploited it to beat him."

I went and I saw... Couldnt find people from here but I was there. :)

and SCGE has horrible judges most of the time. Heck some of my friends have beef with some of the judges because on some games they ruled incorrectly.

and its not the first time either cause I remember when i used to play i got cheated out in a game becuase one of the guys playing a horus used a Creature Swap move that was illegal to take away all my creatures.

he kept choosing Horus 6 and i said, "its negated i dont give you nothing." and he said, "no you have to, im the only one that cant." and i said,"you can give me something your just picking the creature that will make the card illegal upon resolution"

i called the judge and the judge sided with my opponent.

I both games because the opponent kept taking use of that, I even asked for the head judge and the head judge was no ware to be found. :(

but thats beyond the point. lol
The odd thing I find about any large scale tournament held in CA?.....I ALWAYS hear nothing but griping and flaming, it doesn't matter WHO judged it! I've been hearing the same thing for three years with different head judges and crew for almost every one of them.
And you didn't insist that the head judge be found?

I can't disagree with any statement said, because I was not there. But each time the statement comes up that there was a problem with the judges, both statements readily admit not following through with their appeal rights.

Its your right to appeal, but its also your responsibility. If you don't insist on at least being heard by the Head Judge, then its just giving in to defeat.

There are ways to maintain a polite and cordial manner, while insisting that you cannot continue playing until the Head Judge has been found and your appeal has been heard. If the Head Judge rules against you, then Im sorry. There is little that can be done.

But, its like criticizing government when you don't take the time to vote.
I have found a couple of specific rulings problems found at the tournament. Also posted by the person whose post i posted earlier

Ok. Since you need references, . . . not sure on the judges name, but here is the situation.

Player A has two cards in hand.
Player B has two cards in hand.
Player A plays Card Destruction.
Player A draws 2 cards and looks at his hand.
Player B draws 5 cards and looks at his hand.
Player B notices his mistake and places the cards face down after looking.
The judge is called, and INSTEAD of an instant game loss due to irrepairable game state, the judge rules it as a light infraction, has Player B shuffle his hand back into his deck and re-draw 2.

The judge on this one was Mirek Locy.

Player A wins the match.
Player B had 1 game loss due to a violation, I do believe it was lateness.
They call the judge and both players sign on the sheet.
The judge writes game loss on the front of the sheet next to Player B.
End of SJC Long Beach, Player A should have had 7 wins, but it's marked on the standings as 6.
They re-pull the sheet and call the Judge that signed the sheet.
The judge can't re-call WHY she put game loss down and they leave standings as they were instead of re-ranking Player A for which he would have won 6 packs.

The judges being absolutely rude and hostile. Not just SOME of the judges, . . . but MOST of them were that way. The HEAD judge was the nicest of them all.
You'll notice I'm the one trying to calm the demenor of that thread down <soft chuckle>....John Danker..aka GeorgeOTJ....and yeah, I'm the guy who had to stop and think about Royal Oppression / Graceful Charity / 2 Dark World Monsters <shrug> I'm at work alright? Too many thing going on!
<laffin> Yeah well, I'm pretty shameless. There are a lot of things in life I've gotten "good at" by being shameless, asking stupid questions, and sticking my nose in where it doesn't belong. In the end, if by no other reason than everyone else dying.....I end up near the top of the list eventually.

The problem with never asking the stupid questions and not sticking your neck out where it can chopped off is that you never really learn all that you can and never get the answers you need.