Mar. 25th & Mar. 26th, Long Beach, CA - Shonen Jump Championship

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Oh, and my writing style THAT obvious? <puzzled> Will I never get to be the unknown writer? <sigh>
Your 'cover' was not blown by your writing It was blown by the fact that you posted in the "Royal Oppression" thread shortly after you, GeorgeOTJ, asked me to 'educate you'. There were only 2 outcomes that I could come Either GeorgeOTJ was a REALLY good friend of yours, or he WAS If you hadn't done that, it would have taken me AGES to make the connection I'm
I did ask for the head judge to be found and i did apeal but since the match was gonna end in a few minutes it was either play the game get the loss then apeal or stall and get called on stalling.

I had 3 judges over to correct the error and 2 of them were uncertain and the one that gave the ok was sure 100%. But problem is he was 100% wrong.
My friends (4 judges, that included Mortals, 2 other players) and I traveled from the SF Bay Area down to Long Beach with high hopes for this event. It was my first SJC as a player and my second overall. It was my first premier event as a player in over a year, and I had done some playtesting to boost my confidence. We were going to SoCal to play amongst some of the well known/more recognizable players and we thought it was going to be a blast. But, as you read on, you'll see why it wasn't quite so...

I started off 0-3, losing the first two rounds to time, and then later on another round to time. I was basically stuck in the 200s (Table #) for most of the day and ended up 5-5. Yeah. I sucked major. This is what I get for judging for the past 6 months and having not played in a regional since over a year ago.

I did better in the Sunday regional, going 5-2 at one point. My second loss was to some jerk from Team Hustle. He was a very good player and baited out my better cards, BUT, he made it a repeated point about one move he made that cost me 3 cards.

I had a set Smashing as a bluff from long ago. I later brought out Cyber Dragon and then set a Sakuretsu Armor, anticipating a Smash and a Don/Reaper etc. On his turn, he brings back Frog and tributes it for Mobius, destroying my 2 set cards and then killing my CD in battle. After that, he kept saying how that was a good move and telling me that he would never do something like that and how I lost cards but losing my non chainables to Mobius.

In my head, I'm like: OK, I get your point. I've done this move before too. You're good and all, and you didn't hit any Bottomless Trap Holes I might've set, but you don't have to ******* repeat this to me over and over (and he still did this after the next round). I was too tired and annoyed to start anything with him, so I just let him keep saying what he wanted to say.

So, I'm at 5-2, which was still decent. I play another good player with a Monarch Time Seal deck. I'm not griping about this one because this guy is really nice and good.

At this point, I'm 5-3. I end up playing a friend I traveled with. Game 1, his Decrees and monarchs wipe me out. Game 2, he drew monarchs with no support and I went aggro on him. Game 3, he sides in Stein and god hands me for 8000 on his 2nd turn.

I end up 5-4 in the regional, and essentially came away with nothing except for having $150 less in my wallet. (I DID have a blast with the people I traveled with, and I'm really glad I was able to tag along with them at the last minute)

About the judge issues, from what my friends have said (some of whom were also judging on Day 1), there was some disappointment expressed on how things went.

Day 2 regionals was atrocious. I can't believe that they decided to give game losses to players standing in the aisles. The 9 round regional took FOREVER to complete. We were there from 10am until 9pm and the Top 8 was just getting started at that point. There was so much lag between each round. It was about 20-30 minutes after time was called until the next round would start.

Back to Day, 1, it was just as bad. On 3 occasions, the lights went out for a few seconds each time. They had all the judges sign and collect the results slips (which was a good and bad thing) for 650 players for all of the 10 rounds. Since 4 of my friends were judging, we didn't get out until after midnight.

In addition. some of the SoCal judges weren't always doing their job properly, so my friends had to deal with so much more than they should've had to.

This event was decntly run by SCGE, but I expected very high class from the overall experience. Instead, I was thoroughly disappointed about many things.
Any ruling that takes longer than 2 minutes is also reason to request a time extention. Most head judges will grant that request.
Wow, this thread just jumped out to the head of things, and i'm finally getting back into the loop.

Having been my first "So Cal. Premier Event" juding, I was a little overwhelmed with the initial front of things. There were 650+ folks and I don't believe that we were expecting nearly that many. Having to pull out tables from nowhere at the last minute and keep dibs on things.

Being an "outsider" the one thing I found interesting was the volume of folks that look to win by "any means" possible I did run into a few instances where people were baiting others to win on technicalities. I find it a little disheartening when your tactic to win is to try and force a game loss because a person didn't allow you to respond from the draw phase as the game progresses.

Having judged the event, I was rather happy with the lineup available. To my knowledge, minus some of the pairings staff, all judges were L2 and L3s working the floor. Granted things ran late (how can it not when you run 10 rounds) there weren't any severe reports of rulings issues to work with. That's the one thing that seems to happen a lot, people will get upset about having a bad ruling, but they never appeal to the head judge on things.

Unfortunatley I can't be said to be the best source on the overall judging of the event, for better or for worse I was assigned to the "feature match" table that metagame was running and was juding individual matches for most of the SJC.

So I guess to summarize.... hmmm....
Dillie you'll get that at the larger scale tournaments, players looking to win on any technicality even if they KNOW at best it's just a warning. I suppose they hope to talk an inexperienced judge into thinking it's an irrepairable game state?

One L3 judge from Florida became very disappointed in his group of players at one point when the this tactic became poplular...

Activate Time Seal during their own drawn phase, take as long as they can during their own turn by checking graveyards, pondering, slow play.....and then after a overly long turn their opponent forgets that Time Seal was drawn and draws anyway adding the card to their hand.

The higher the stakes become the less morals and honor players seem to have. We as judges like to give people the benefit of the doubt, we trust each other as judges and work together to solve problems. we get so used to that mindset that we sometimes forget it's not the same mindset that some players have.

As I've said numerous times, when you start judging at the larger tournaments and especially when you head judge them the bigger problems are seldom card ruling questions, you've usually got an experienced enough group of judges to iron any off the wall or obscure card rulings's the situations such as the one described above, irrate parents, stealing, rules lawyers, etc. that cause the headaches.
hehe, indeed. I can see more and more that this makes judges loved and hated at the same time. But hey, we gotta keep pushing through and that's just life in the big city 8^D

Oh, and I found out that my ugly mug made it on the metagame site, sort of 8^D If you go to the matchups and read match 2 with the Mexcan National champion vs. his brother and there me in my "make sure absolutely nothing goes wrong look" 8^D

I will tell you this, for the plethora of cookie cutter decks that are out there and are hounded upon, I was pleasantly surprised to see a wide variety of decks going at it during the "featured game" table. It was quite enjoyable to judge. Especially because at the really top tier, you tend to see a lot more "respectable" players going at it.
hehe, I saw that! THe shot was a little blurred, or maybe your presence is too overwhelming for Jason's camera 8^D
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I'll be the guy that does a lot of Fonzie gestures. Like the thumbs and snapping, also a lot of "Woaaahhh..." and "Ayyy..."

It should be easy to find me.

Hey man. i didnt meet u there. but i DID see you. i think you went up to one of my teammates, thinking it was me.
mortals said:
You're not the only one to end up on metagame. =) I'm in the first article for the day. =P

I was so disgusted about how I performed during the entire event that when I finally logged onto metagame to skim through (usually, I read every single match/feature article) the articles, I completely set my mind on viewing the standings and the results of the matches, and missed the very first article. I deliberately missed it because all through last week, as the SJC was approaching, I didn't want to delve into any discussion on the new ban/restriction list. I suppose that trend continued until this article was pointed out in this thread today.
nkarunatilaka said:
Hey man. i didnt meet u there. but i DID see you. i think you went up to one of my teammates, thinking it was me.

The first guy I saw with a "The Syndicate" shirt I was like "You know Neil?"

He said you weren't wearing your Syndicate shirt but he'd tell you that I was looking for you. I forgot all about it the rest of the day.
Complex_Mind said:
The first guy I saw with a "The Syndicate" shirt I was like "You know Neil?"

He said you weren't wearing your Syndicate shirt but he'd tell you that I was looking for you. I forgot all about it the rest of the day.
Hey, its all good, maybe ill see you at Nationals! :)