mst vs cards


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what cards can i block whit mst??

i do an example

my opponent plays gian trunade, i have face down mstyphoon..

can i chain and destroy gian trunade???

what card can i block for example?
The only cards that MST can negate the resolution of are those which must remain on the field in order to have an effect, i.e. continuous spells & continuous traps along with equip spell cards.
Why would you want to destroy Giant Trunade with a face-down MST in the first place? Daiva is correct though, You can also destroy any other face-down cards the opponent has down if you chain to Giant Trunade.
It sounded like dadejay was trying to 'negate' the 'Giant Trunade' so no cards were returned to the hand.

I'm sure EVERYONE that posts here has tried to do that at one point in time during their Yugi 'training' before they understood the concept of 'negating' vs 'destroying'.

'MST' does not 'negate' anything, it only destroys. The cards listed by daivahataka are the correct cards to use 'MST' against.


Player A has a set 'MST'.
It's Player B's turn. Player B activates 'Premature Burial', pays the cost, and chooses the appropriate monster in their Graveyard (remember, the monster is merely chosen, not placed on the field at this time).
Player A can chain with 'MST' and target 'Premature Burial'.
Player B chooses not to respond.

The chain resolves in reverse order.

'MST' resolves, destroying the 'Premature Burial'.
Since 'Premature Burial' is no longer on the field, it's effect 'dissapears' and no monster is special summoned to the field.

Hope this helps.
dadejay said:
so only equip cards and traps normal/continuos not card also like giant trunade/heavy storm right?
Bottom line is MST does not negate, it only destroys spell/trap cards. Now, if you are chaining and destroying an Equip, Field Spell, or continuous spell/trap cards that was just activated, on resolution, those cards won't resolve anymore because they no longer in the field.

So, MST will stop the following cards from resolving if MST is chained to their activation and targets them:
  1. Equip Spell Cards
  2. Field Spell Cards
  3. Continuous Spell
  4. Continuous Trap