Super Monarchs?


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I was looking for some cards on eBay, and I came across a listing for a "super Monarch" deck:

I haven't touched yugimans in a while, but I used to play Monarchs, and this looks almost nothing like anything I've built or seen played before. I see this, and my head is just filled with questions: Why three Frogs? Why three Level Eaters? Why no Foolish Burial? Where is Caius? Won't March of the Monarchs be a dead draw with three copies? Since when was Granmarg playable again?

I dropped by my locals today to see what's up, and I didn't really see anything that would warrant such strange card choices. What's happened with the game for this be considered so "super?" I'm really confused.
I havn't played the yugimons in a while either and I agree this does look messy.
the monarch choices seem random.

3 frogs is overkill

no marshmellon,spirit reaper or dandelion.

why fissure and shield crush over 3 soul exchanges?

to many questions.
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Seems like we're all in the same boat. And I knew nothing about Monarchs to begin with.

But just glancing at the unfamiliar cards in the deck, I'd say the "super" has something to do with Black Dragon Collapserpent, Return of the Monarchs and White Dragon Wyverburster, which, at the very least, is a set I missed, Shadow Specters. Also something to do with Level Eater?
Also something to do with Level Eater?
One Monarch can spawn up to two Level Eaters while it's face-up on the field. That opens up some Rank 1 Xyz plays, or produces fodder for another Monarch. I'm not sure if three Level Eaters is supposed so somehow compensate for speed, though. Given how Monarchs don't tend to have more than one on the field at a time, I don't see how three Level Eaters will be useful. :/
level eater in a dedicated monarch is actually a good idea but the deck could do with foolish burials maybe quick draw synchron just to help with discarding but it also depends whats on the ban list.

grave keepers are pretty good for monarchs.

monarchs is about the field presence I guess if you don't use jinzo you could go with ultimate offering to do multipul monarch summons in one turn by recycling a single level eater.
This looks like some deck someone just threw together. The game is currently pretty fast and the dekochis are WAY to slow. Granmarg is not a great choice. (It never really was actually.) Caius, Foolish, Dandylion are just a few things missing from this "Super" build. Monarchs are still good, and most even have Obelisk as a tech in most builds. In all the tournaments I have judged, I have never seen a build like this...
I've never seen a build like this and for ages the monarch deck was my deck of choice.

I'd like to get back in to yugimons and rebuild my monarchs and adding obelisk sounds like it would useful and fun.