TAEV-EN031: Crystal Seer

Man, I haven't done this in awhile. But mainly, it's cause one other dude decided to do some reviewing.

But still, I feel like I should do this one.


But ya know, before I review, I really hate the fact that they changed this card rarity from "normal rare" into Ultra rare. Yeah, it was normal rare in Japan, but still, it's still a "common". IMO, at most, it'll be like 10 buck at MOST since it IS a common. But since now it's an ultra rare, it's 40~50 bucks.

Anyway, onto the review.


Crystal Seer

Level 1 / Spellcaster / Water / Effect

100ATK / 100DEF

FLIP: Pick up 2 cards from the top of your Deck. Select 1 of those cards and add it to your hand, and put the other card on the bottom of your Deck.


Before the effect, let's look at the stats. Now, the ATK/DEF is weak. (it equals Treeborn Frog level...) BUT, being a LV1 Spellcaster means, YES, can be searched by Apprentice magician. And to boot, it IS a flip effect. So it fits perfectly in apprentice engine. This is GOOD NEWS. Cause of banning of MoF, the only real good App engine target is just Old Vindictive for most decks. (Yes, there's Hand of N, Time Wizard, etc.) And since there's SO many "floater" monsters being used right now. (sangan, Card Trooper, Malicious, Gadget, etc.) destroying monsters with a flip effect isn't always a good idea. So another good target is good for the overal Apprentice engine theme.

So, what's the flip effect. First of all, you look at 2 cards, then you add one and put the other card back to deck. Now, this effect is VERY POWERFUL! Why, cause you looked through 2 cards. It's ALOT faster draw power then even Dekoichi. Dekoichi have higher stats, but this card lets you look at 2 and lets you CHOOSE. Choice is always good, with alot of options. This card is a "semi-Graceful Charity" flip monster. There's cards like Big Eye or pegionholding spell card that lets you look at the top of your deck, but none really lets you add one them at the same time. Seriously, ignore the weak stats cause this effect is almost broken as MoF flip monster wise.

Will this card hit the limited list? Maybe. Although IMO, I don't think so. (There are talks about putting this in 1x or 2x per deck or whatnots) If I'm correct, the card ruling demands that you show your opponent the 2 cards you looked through. (And ultimately, what card you added and what you put back to the bottom of deck) Giving your foe info of your hand is always a bad thing. They can predict and countermeasure it, or they might just Mind Crush you or something. But even with that weakness, I definately recommend 3x of this card in ANY deck that runs Apprentice Magician. In fact, I'm expecting the return of Apprentice Monarch deck of last year. (Before the banning of MoF) Although you cannot MoF + PoA loop the Apprentice engine forever with this card, but it lets you go through alot of cards for more options and putting away cards you don't want to draw into.

And although it doesn't matter, a LV1 monster meant Meta = TER. (But TER is banned)


Overall, I give this card a

9.5 out of 10

Best flip effect monster that's been printed for YEARS. I think the last time a flip effect monster that had this much impact was Dekoichi. (Skelengel had somewhat of a decent impact, but that was because it was another decent target for Chaos food during flip-flop control days. After Chaos Sorceror got banned, having an alternative LIGHT flip monster then MoF had no meaning.) If someone actually can get this expensive ultra rare into 3x, expect them to take out their dekoichi and run 3x Crystal Seer, 2x App Mag, 3x Old Vindictive, (Maybe Night Ass to boot) and run like 7~8 monarchs for the next SJC tourament when they become legal for tourney play. This card ALMOST makes it a "staple" card. (Not really, but a definate good chance of one)

Seriously, IMO, the only flip effect monster that's even better then this is like MoF and the "Jar series". (i.e. Fiber, Cyber, Morphing)

So far in the American ruling, unlike Japan, we DON'T have to show the 2 cards picked up by Crystal Seer. Not to mention Magician of Faith is back...

Man, this card have gotten even better now...