Tell Me A Neverending Story . . . in 3 Words or less

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Not enough fun forum games? Lets try a new one. A story game. Here's how it works:

Ordinarily, this game would require you to say only one word and the person next to you would say another word continuing what you said and so on and so forth. With a bizarre, neverending story being told in the process.

But we're going to do it differently.

In the interest of keeping spam to a minimum, and to accomodate the 10 characters or less requirments we're going to use three words a peice. Example? I'm glad you asked.

Crabby Monkey Shorts said:
One sunny day...
Quick Draw McGraw said:
...a banna fell...
Needless Poster said:
...from my lonely...
Crabby Monkey Shorts said:
set of tires.

You get the idea now? While that up there is not a knee slapper, if your creative enough, we can make an intersting a funny story from it all. I'm also going to put a link to this in the Cog Writers Index just for fun.

  1. Keep it family friendly folks. No need for inuendo or vulgarity here.
  2. Please wait a total of five posts after you have posted before you respond to another one. No need for us to be tripping over each other. (Lets change this to 3 posts. Loosing steam waiting for new players.)
  3. Comments are welcome, but lets not spam up the thread too much. Lets try to preserve the flow of the game.
  4. Quote who you were responding to in a quote box, just in case we do step over each other. If some one double replys give me a chance to fix it.
  5. Give it a chance.
  6. Have fun.
I'll start us off:

It was dark...

This story is collected in General Fiction here.
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with cinnamon plenty...

Chaos General: wait until 5 others post before you post again. It's in the game rules up above.