The Duelist on the Street Article #4 - Deck Strategy Overview: Burn

Duelist on the Street Article #4 - Deck Strategy Overview: Burn

Well, welcome to the preamble of this weeks article! As mabye some of you know by now, I'm an official Netrepâ„¢ writer [thanks again Jathro], and I promise I will try to be punctual with my articles. Also, this article I'm going to do a new type of article for me: the deck strategy overview! In this type of article I will show you how a certain deck works and show you its weaknesses and some possible solutions [a message to the vets out there: input would be appreciated] to those weaknesses. I will also show you how that strategy's branch decks [a deck that relates to a theme but not what is usually expected (ex. Fire Princess burn)] work.

As you can see, this weeks deck strategy overveiw [or DSO] is good ol, burn. Burn decks have the most different cards that work in all of its branch decks.[the second being Chaos, third being Warrior Decks] so it is the easiest [in my humble opinion] to explain. The burn deck has one main strategy: 'burn' your opponent's life points with effects or monsters that can attack directly while 'stalling' [stopping your opponent from attacking (ex.Gravity Bind)]. As I said before, burn has many cards that work in many of its branch decks, we will call these cards base cards. The base cards for a burn deck are:

Level Limit - Area B
Gravity Bind
Messenger of Peace
Solar Flare Dragon
Stealth Bird
Wave-Motion Cannon
Lava Golem
Swords of Revealing Light[this is not used as a staple]
Giant Trunade,

Told you it was a lot cards. Now usually all decks use cards cards called staples [cards that are so game-breaking that they are used universally in decks [ex. Dark Hole]] , burn ignores most of the staples because most them relate to destroying monsters and set magic/traps cards on the field in mass proportions and burn can easily stop monster threats and can also easily recover from a big magic/trap being played. Now the staples that burn ignores are:

Heavy Storm
Dark Hole
Cyber Jar
Brain Control
Lightning Vortex

Now the rest of the staples you can put in the deck.
Now on to how to play the deck. Now you should try to squeeze every bit of burn you can get out of your burn cards. You can achieve this goal by doing many things, using the effects of Magician of Faith and tsukyomi together to continuously use the effects of important burn Magic Cards.

You can also use the card ''Ojama Trio''. This card gives your opponent 3 ''Ojama Tokens". When destroyed these tokens deal out 300 lp damage per token, but it's not the damage we're after, it's the fact that the tokens take space in your opponent's Monster Zones, meaning less monsters for them and they can't be tributed for a tribute summon. So they can't bring out Mobius the Frost Monarch with them [which could be very detremental for this type of deck if they did bring him out.] But they can be used to bring out one of this decks base cards, Lava Golem.

Lava Golem's Special Summon effect's cost of tributes is not a Tribute Summon, so this guy works for him but it also brings his monster count to 2 monsters on the field meaning that if you have another Ojama Trio on the field you can play it in their draw phase to bring there count to 5, meaning no summoning of monsters on their part.

Now onto this decks branch decks

Fire Princess Burn
This deck tries to mantain a constant flow of lp gain while using the effect of Fire Princess to burn.
Ess. cards: Marie the Fallen One, Solemn Wishes, Cure Mermaid, White Magician Pikeru.

Simochi Burn
This deck makes your opponent gain life points while using ''Bad Reaction to Simochi'' to burn. Ess. cards: Rain of Mercy,Burning Algae, Blue Medicine.

The weaknesses of this deck are as follows: Des Wombat, any form of magic/trap destroying, Jinzo and Royal Decree. These cards can be stopped either by using Prohibition and calling any of these cards' names, using summoning and magic/trap negation, or using Level Limit - Area B.

Thank you for reading my article. Also remember input would be very appreciated.

A few things about this article:

Since when is Giant Trunade a base card for a Burn deck? I run Lava Golem Burn for a living and that is only good for my Side Deck.

Burn ignores Dark Hole and Cyber Jar? Look, I run both of them and they work wonders for me. Timely Mystical Space Typhoons help, too.

See, when you're constructing your main deck in a Burn, you have to have balance. Although the focus is on stall cards and burn cards, you can't ignore many of the other elements of the game entirely. There has to be some removal in there (mainly monster removal is okay) and since Burn decks don't trade card-for-card like most other decks, there has to be some speed, too.

To see what I mean, take a look at my main deck. This build has been the best and most consistent for me, therefore I use it as a standard.

2 Lava Golem
3 Solar Flare Dragon
3 Stealth Bird
2 Des Koala
1 Cannon Soldier
2 Spirit Reaper
1 Des Lacooda
1 Sangan
1 Magician of Faith
1 Cyber Jar
1 Morphing Jar

3 Messenger of Peace
2 Level Limit - Area B
3 Wave-Motion Cannon
1 Swords of Revealing Light (and yes, this IS a Burn staple)
1 Scapegoat
1 Book of Moon
1 Mystical Space Typhoon
1 Dark Hole

2 Threatening Roar
3 Secret Barrel
2 Gravity Bind
1 Ceasefire
1 Ojama Trio
1 Nightmare Wheel
1 Solemn Judgment

The most important part of a Burn deck, however, is the side deck. Since there are many ways of going about stopping a Burn deck, you have to be able to prepare for what your opponent is likely to dish out. Some Burn opponents focus on S/T removal, others on negation, and some will resort to Burn cards of their own. (Usually, though, most players will use Burn cards to the extent of Wave-Motion Cannon and nothing more.)

There are many options for a Burn's side deck. Here are several cards to consider in making that side deck:

Kinetic Soldier (then again, about every side deck has it)
Magic Reflector
Solemn Judgment (yes, another one)
Threatening Roar (or some other chainable stall)
Dust Tornado (for those pesky Decrees that get chained to your cards)

Personally, I'm still trying to find a side deck that works best for me. You could try to counter your opponent's counter-burn cards. Or, if you're not quite the fan of that, consider a conversion to a more attack-minded deck. (that's what I'm going to try) But that choice is up to you.

As far as I can tell, Burn is a Tier-2 decktype, right now. Though I have placed high in many tournaments with it in the current format, it often lacks the consistency to win on a regular basis. Without that consistency, the Burn can never be Tier-1.

Maybe Digital Jedi should contribute to this thread. He's knowledgable when it comes to Burn decks. (You can tell by the Solar Flare Dragon in his avi.)
One counter measure that I've had taken agaist my burn deck that I was unprepared for (and worked quite well causing me to adjust my side deck) was a player siding in 3 Wave Motion Cannons against me <soft chuckle> I had only one S/T destroyer. He burned the burn deck! I literally had nothing to stop him, all he had to do was bide his time long enough (of course he drew one first hand and another third draw)

Just a warning that while you may think you don't need anything or very little in the way of S/T removal for a burn deck....beware.
It often time depends on the meta. I remember a time when Wave-Motion Cannon was seldom run in anyones deck. But Spell Trap removal was being run in spades. It fluctuates. Each time we adjust to whats commenly being played, the meta adjust with us. Its hard to maintain a balance that can stand the test of time. Not impossible, but it truley will test your deck building skills.
Well, as one who runs a simochi burn myself, I noticed that you missed a few points about such a deck:

One of the key things to keep in mind is that for the most part,if a card gives your opponent life points, it usually has a powerful primary effect. Those are the cards that should be played with bad reaction to simochi. If you can combo them with bad reaction to simochi, you get their full effect, plus do some considerable damage! Meanwhile, if push comes to shove, they can still be used by themselves and pack a wallop. For example, a card like burning algae isn't really an option, even for a bad reaction to simochi deck, as it really has no positive effect by default.

Anyway, if I may reccomend some other cards that weren't mentioned, you may want to consider adding
Upstart Goblin and Snatch Steal to your article...

PS. Sorry to be so nitpicky here...

PPS. Also sorry for bumping the topic. Please don't hate me for it!
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PPS. Also sorry for bumping the topic. Please don't hate me for it!
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No problem. I don't think we've seen you in a while. Er, sorry about your signature. We had some smiley changes and additions. :D
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