What do those Bold words on my characters mean?

For those of you just starting out in VS and are wondering what the bold words mean, here's a brief rundown. However, as you get more into the game, you should read the comprehensive rules to get the full understanding of each of these terms. Hopefully, though, this will get you started.

Boost: pay resource points when the character comes into play to be able to use the boost effect. If you don't pay, you do not get the effect.

Concealed: the character comes into play in the hidden area.

Concealed - optional: the character can come into play in the hidden or visible area.

Cosmic: the character gets a cosmic counter when they come into play. While they have the counter, they get the effect stated in the Cosmic text. When they are stunned, they lose the counter.

Evasion: stun the character (and take stun loss). Recover them at the start of the recovery phase.

Leader: characters right next to the leader gets the effect stated in the Leader text.

Loyalty: you need to control a character that shares an affiliation with this character to recruit them.

Reservist: you can recruit this character from your hand or resource row.

Willpower: the character's willpower. If they do not have the word Willpower, their willpower is zero.

Oh, what the heck, here's what the bold words on equips mean:

Transferable: at the start of the formation step, you can change who the equipment is equipped to.

Unique: you can only have one equip with that card's name in play at a time.

Once again, this is just a quick overview for those of you just getting started. Check the comp rules for the full, dry details. Enjoy!