What The Freak ???

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Himoura Shinta
Tuner Cards??
Synchro Summon?

Wow, Ive been gone a year, and now its like the whole game has changed...
Someone explain to me what these are .... maybe that will give me some clarity on the way the game has evolved since Ive been gone...

BTW.... hello everyone!!!
tuner monsters go in the deck and so far the higher level tuner is a 4 star called rose warrior of revenge. the most frequently played is krebons which is a 2 star.
the syncron monsters go in the extra deck new name of the fusion deck.
to summon a sycron monster you have to tribute 1 tuner monster and 1 or more non tuner monsters but the level of the tuner monster and none tuner monsters must be the equal to the level of the syncron monster you plan to summon.

p.s theres a type none as physic.
What up Kingpin. I have no idea what your talking about. :skull:

Okay, I do. I've just been out of the loop for a little bit. At least you don't administer a TCG site. It kind of hurts more when your supposed to support this stuff and you haven't kept up with it as much as you should have. :rusty:
Its all good DJ... Ive not been around for .. well... a long long time.. lol

So the Synchro monsters are what used to be Fusion monsters....
got it..

A Tuner /// what exactly do they do? what is their purpose? is it just one of the monsters required to bring out the Synchro (fusion) monster? so you only need one of them now, and any other monster that has the right amount of stars??? is that correct?
So the Synchro monsters are what used to be Fusion monsters....
got it..
No you don't. That's wrong.

A Tuner Monster is one that has "Tuner" written on it next to Type. "Tuner" is like "Spirit" or "Union" or "Gemini". The catch is, even Normal Monsters can be Tuner Monsters. A Tuner Monster in of itself isn't special at all - there are no signature effects related to "Tuner" (unlike e.g. Union, whose signature effect is that it equips itself to another monster).

A Synchro Monster lives in the Fusion Deck (now renamed the Extra Deck, because it's not just for Fusion Monsters anymore). Synchro Monsters have white backgrounds. To get one out (a Synchro Summon, which is a kind of Special Summon), you need to Tribute monsters you control according to its Synchro Material Monsters. These SMM look something like "1 Tuner monster + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters". The catch is that the total Levels of the monsters you've Tributed (including the Tuner Monster) must be equal to the Synchro Monster's Level (not "or greater/less than").

As I understand it, Synchro Monsters are quite popular, and easy to get out. They're the main focus of the new anime, Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds (which stands for "5 Dragons", so-called because there are 5 legendary dragon cards hanging around - yes, more legendary cards!). And, naturally, the legendary dragons aren't all that great, as far as I can tell. There are more interesting Synchro Monsters around, like remakes of "Dark Ruler Ha Des" and "Gaia the Fierce Knight". Check the Yu-Gi-Oh! Wiki for more details.

In my mind, Synchro Monsters are sort of a mixture of Fusion and Ritual Monsters - Fusion because they live in the same place (the Extra Deck), and Ritual because of the need to match the Levels. Of course, they're different too (e.g. they don't need another card to Summon them - you Summon a Synchro Monster like you would Summon Destiny Hero - Dogma, not using a Chain). I haven't gotten into them much (because I don't play the game), but I can see why they might be fun to use.

I'm more concerned about the welfare of Psychic-Type monsters. Given that older cards won't be retconned into being Psychic-Type (I think Jinzo should be one of them), we're left with only a handful of them, and they're not overwhelmingly impressive in my eyes. They're just another Deck Type, but different in the sense that their common factor is their Type (instead of having a term like "Archfiend" or "Lightsworn" or "Alien" in their name or something). I anticipate them dying out fairly soon.

Oh, and by the way, you're only allowed up to 15 cards in your Extra Deck now.
Nice.. thanks Maruno.... The meta has gotten so much more complex..hahha... but I guess changes are whats going to keep the kids coming huh..

Now I have a much better understanding of how it all works....
Check the Yu-Gi-Oh! News section for some of the internal drama you've missed in, well, just the past couple of weeks. :eek:
I'm trying to think back on how much you've missed....Are you familiar with "Contact Fusion"? Basically, some of the Elemental Heroes came out that can only be Fused like the XYZ Dragons of old, where you send them from you side of the Field. Well a group of Monsters called Gladiator Beasts can do that too (Gladiator Beast is in their Name, not type or subtype). All these can be "Contact Fusioned" while Face-Down, just show your opponent the cards you are using.

Synchro-summoning is different. The Synchro Material Monsters (SMM) must be Face-Up to Synchro Summon. All of these Summons are considered Inherant Summons for the purpose of Solemn Judgement, (Black) Horn of Heaven, etc. And since Fusing and Synchroing are not a cost, but the resolution of an effect, you can do them with Macro Cosmos on the field.

Also, Gemini Monsters were mentioned. In case you weren't around for those, they are sub-type Gemini and are effect Monsters that are treated as Normal Monsters in the Graveyard or on the Field; but, you can use your once per turn Summon to Summon them again and they gain their effect(s).

So, 2 new sub-types, 1 new type, an old summoning mechanic, made new again, and a full on new card genre. Stay "tuned", because there is yet another genre potentially coming that uses subtraction, rather than addition to make your "sychros".
The Mighty DarkLogicianofCaos has spoken !!

dun dun duuunnnnnn

jk. thats good info.. . thx for the explanations ... what a weird year its been for this game... its been totally revamped .... I will just have to stick with the Skill Drain, its fast, furious, and simple .... hahhahha but it appears there is alot of Spellcaster help now too... wow.. I can hone up that deck as well... this is gonna be fun! (if I ever get around to it )
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