Why are Unlimited Edition boxes so hard to find?

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I've recently heard about an experience in which someone who purchased some packs of a Yugioh expansion set, they were about 24 booster packs unsealed and not placed in a proper booster box (This did not happen to me luckily). They later on found out that the packs were tampered. This is why I personally prefer to obtain a sealed box of booster packs. Many are now buying boxes of the Special Edition.

Side Note: Some of the earlier Yugioh 5ds tins and the Rise of Destiny Special Edition sold contain a few or all 1st edition cards. This is extremely annoying. In addition to that the DR3 box, was never released in the States, and sold in the Ultimate Edition series.

Many of the booster boxes for the new set that I've seen after The Duelist Genesis, are mainly 1st edition. Many of the sellers that also have sold some these unsealed booster packs are now taking out the booster packs out of sets like Dark Legends and the current Legendary Collection. Chances if they are selling these packs from set the new Legendary Collection they could be selling them and losing money or cheating the buyers out of promos assuming the buyer chose the former route and purchased the Legendary Collection, Dark Legends, Ultimate Edition, or Light and Darkness Power Pack single box pack/blister pack or in a box.

In the past, I also made the error of buying 24 booster packs of DR3 without obtaining another Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon which I did not need. It is safe to assume that people have know chosen to buy boxes (others call cases) of the Special Editions from the expansion series and Twilight instead.

I've had a hard time finding Unlimited Edition booster boxes (finding too many 1st edition booster boxes annoying). Why are they so hard to find? Has Konami chosen to stop printing UNLIMITED EDITION BOOSTER BOXES? Please express your opinions and let me know what you think.

Side Note: If you know of anyone that may sell only Unlimited Edition booster boxes from the new 5D's series (or someone who sell mint condition COMMONS or RARES from the new sets, other than EBAY or other online Yugioh stores, please let me know), including DREV (a new Yugioh Duel Monsters series, you will see slight differences in the printing technique and design of the new DREV cards compared to older cards if you look closely enough).
The only explanation I could think of is that players who are typically interested in the boxes are only interested in them when the boxes are first released due to interest of what card they may get from it, the lack of interest of unlimited boxes may explain any decision by Konami took to stop the boxes as soon as the boosters reach the unlimited status.
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