Yu-Gi-Oh! Character Name Game

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Same rules as the Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Name Game. You get a couple of guesses, and then you wait till a couple of other people have guessed. Don't bombard the pages with the names of every character you can think of. It won't count.

"No, my name is not spelled like the sports network. It's one whole letter off! How could you possible get them confused like that? There not even pronounced the same!"
Oh, no... Does that mean I have to make up the next one?

I knew I had the spelling wrong.... But I knew there was a R in it somewhere, Espe just wasn't right...

Give me time to think of a clue...
Gah -- good guesses! But you're not there yet....

I didn't think it would be this hard. *facepalm*

Hint -- the misspelling in the last line is on purpose.....

(and I never said I was good at making these things up.... sorry......):good:
Okay -- I give up. Didn't think I'd made it this hard. I was actually going for Dartz, but given my clue, I think Pegasus was a really sensible guess, and I'll accept it. Barty, you're up!
YEY my go!!!
Why has that got the same name as me???
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I was going for Dartz.... But I gave up on anyone getting it, the guesses where getting farther and farther afield, and I felt given my clue Pegasus actually made a lot of sense as an answer.

Coming up with clues is hard! :D
Just had to edit my clue so it made more sense.
I find the clues where the most likely answers are ignored due people just not seeing it or over thinking the clues are a lot more fun, so as long as there are clues like that i'll enjoy the game.
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