Dr Kain's Trade/Want List

Dr Kain,

I can help you with Demise and Cost Down.

I am interested in Book of Moon(R), Barrel Behind the Door(R), Bazoo(R), Dark Ruler(if Oceanus didn't beat me to it) and/or End of Anubis.

Let me know where you stand with recent trades and we can work something out.
Actually I was too busy at NDK last weekend, so I haven't seen either offers til just now.

Oceanus, sounds like a good deal to me, for Mirage Knight, PM me.

Mightydingo, I would greatly love those two, but without Dark Ruler, are you still interested?

DeepDark, I got your card and will be leaving feedback as soon as I post this.
Well perhaps something can be changed. I wish to switch the ha des for your "D.D. Warrior Lady", can that be arranged?
Hey again,

I am interested in a few more cards.

Nimble Momonga - DB1-EN051
Karma Cut - SOI-053 (1st edition)
Skill Drain - DCR-019
Mystic Tomato - DB1-EN057
D. D. Scout Plane - IOC-012 (1st)

My link is in my sig. Let me know what you think.
I've updated my Want list and my Trade list, but am trying to think of a way to make it easier to read (and for me to figure out which cards I have gotten over the last year that I want to get rid of).
I have updated my list as other than 3 Ultimate Rares I've had for a while, I will only be posting cards starting with Phantom Darkness since everything else seems to be cards no one cares about anymore.
Yes. If you have anything from the last couple sets i might be interested in trading. Need me some extra psychic stuff and maybe a few dark things.

Im also still looking for extra jinzos and solemn judgements.