Shonen Jump July 15th Arlington Texas!!


Council of Heroes
This just in from JDS Events.

We will be having a Shonen Jump Championship July 15th here in Arlington Texas!!


I'll post up more info as it becomes available.

I'm soooo freakin' excited!
I know that I will be judging the event, but as far as Head Judge goes, I don't know. There is a Level 3 Judge in Oklahoma that's Head Judged at least one Shonen Jump in the past so he may be at the top of the list.
You must be talking about Jeff Richardson. Im betting he will more than likely be the HJ for that one as well.
Woo Hoo! On my birthday too! How cool would it be to make the trek out and win an SJC on my birthday with my Giant Kozaky deck...

...well, I can have birthday dreams can't I? Hopefully they'll let you try your knack at head juding Simon, I'm pretty sure you'd do a good job.
I have been out of the loop for awhile now. Is it required that a Level 3 be Head judge now? I know when they first started a few level 2 were HJ.
No, it's not required for a L3 judge to be a HJ at a SJC, it's just normally expected. PTO's like the safety of knowing that their judge is a L3 judge since it means that chances are they have a solid understanding of the policies and rulings. It's a lot harder to take the L3 test than people realize, not only do you have to pass the test, but many UDE folks won't give a test to someone they feel isn't ready to take it due to one reason or another (for instance you may know the rulings well enough to ace it and they'll know that, but if you don't show strong leadership skills and a well versed knowledge of the policies then they may not even let you touch the test).

PTO's know this which is why they normally search out L3's for SJC events. Wil Loftis who did our SJC last year in Charlotte was only a L2 judge when he did it and we actually ahd John Williams on the floor for that weekend (John is and one of the first L3 judges) so it's always up to the PTO in the end.
I completely forgot about your 'exile' I'd be honored to have you boss me around one more time!
skey23 said:
I completely forgot about your 'exile' I'd be honored to have you boss me around one more time!
I will always boss you around, no matter what happens. :D I dunno if Jeff is doing much judging anymore (though I can't speak for him), so you might just wind up judging one of the two Texas SJC's this year...keep that in mind when assigning the cushy jobs. Also, July will be the perfect time for me to finally pass the hated Level 3 test.
Wow, so that would put me in 4th place for Head Judge position....crud.

Jeff, Bishop, and Jason all ahead of

**sigh**I'll guess I'll just have to live with Floor Judging it...**sigh**
I would most likely not be on the judge team for this event "” all things being equal. We'll see what Jim has to say about that once the time comes.
Ack! These July Regionals are killing me! So many to research. But at least most are posting their online info early.
I'll be posting the details for this event fairly soon. ANything I should add in that the website doesn't include? Like vendors, concessions, parking, etc.?