Shonen Jump July 15th Arlington Texas!!

babyarm said:
There's still a 20% chance that instead of judging, I'll be piloting The Colossus in this event.

It will be great to finally see that monstrocity in action, Jason (Don't forget Peten).

As always, Simon, your humble servant is at your service.....
It actually may slim down by then, I'm starting to figure out how to make it easier to win, while still requiring two deck boxes to hold it. I'll get my feature match someday!
How about this for scheduling:

Post-top 8, a feature match between the Colossus and the winner of SJC Arlington. The winner of this match walking home with the Shrink card.

Yeah right .....

Rules LV 1
Player manageement LV1
Yeah, but that would just be me playing against myself :D I guess technically I could, since The Colossus cut in half is still two legal decks.
It's only just sunk in that The Collosus is a deck. Right? So what is this monstrosity? Any similarity to my Jank Decks?
It's probably the largest deck that a yugioh judge would ever think to carry around. At last count, I think it was up to 193 cards at ardmore regionals
Jason, why not break your deck up into 4 parts and let the top 4 play each with a part of your deck. Each semifinal winner takes the loser's half and incorporates it into the deck they already have. This would leave the top 2 each with half your deck.? .....
It's only 130 cards, and it's actually probably going to be trimmed down a robust 115 or so.

I may actually post the decklist in the deck forum once I get the next set of cuts done, then everyone can see my madness.
So, now that we're a couple of weeks away, who's judging, who's playing, and who's going to stand around and look for Italian food?

I'm more than likely not playing, since the Colossus stalled out. I'm still hesitant about judging though, the "average Yugioh player" is starting to drive me insane, especially compared to the much higher level of respect shown by the average VS player. There's a PCQ Sunday at the SJC, so if nothing else, I'll come by to judge that. Still, if I see one more Yugioh player throwing a full-blown hissy fit at an event, I might just stick my collection in a shredder.

But enough about me, who's making travel plans for Arlington?
I'll be there. And for SJ in August, I'll even be able to make it both Saturday AND Sunday!! 8^D

And hand the sassy ones to me....I need the practice!
Im almost tempted to fly down myself for the event, but since I am Retiring this year, I've got to focus on getting the family situated first, before I can have my fun...
Ok folks. Some news regarding the SJC.

This time it's about the sleeves.

Pretty standard info.

No double sleeving.

None of those stoopid diamond holographic type sleeves that make it next to impossible to see the monster. I'm not talking about the backs, I'm talking about the fronts, where you actually see the monster.

Gallery sleeves WILL be allowed (this may be the last time in North Texas).

Please make sure your sleeves are in good shape. No bends, creases, dirt marks, dirt balls, peeling, dimples, etc... This is just a common sense one.

NO OVERSIZED SLEEVES! That's the big one. All sleeves being used must be standard Yugioh! sized sleeves. If you're running them, we'll ask you to get the correct sized sleeves and an appropriate penalty 'may' be given.

That's all for now. I may pop in from time to time with more info.
Man, a Yugi SJC on my birthday with a card I would LOVE to throw in my deck. Oh well, travels permit me from making that trip, not to mention two gorgeous daughters to take care of.

If anybody is interesting in running my Giant Kozaky deck in honor of the tourney and my birthday, let me know...

<listens to chirping crickets />

Didn't think so, oh well, such is life 8^D

Say, what are those Gallery sleeves? I don't think I've encountered them in any of the events I've judged to date.
Gallery Sleeves are the sleeves with pictures on the backs. Like Dragons, or Nymphs or Elves or Warriors, etc...
Aren't most of those Gallery sleeves "oversized" anyway? Or are the oversized something other than the el cheepo $4.99 Ultra Pro sleeves? 'Cause that's pretty near all I got as far as uniformity (Blue, Black, Green and Red). LOL
With my powers of stealth and guile, plus a button down shirt to wear over my judge shirt, I'm going to try and play and judge at the same time. I'll post pairings, then find my name on the list and go play. I'll need a disguise.