Voltanis the Aggravator

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Couple of things have got me wigged out about this joker:

Seems the FAQ is unclear as to when Voltanis the Adjudicator's Special Summon occurs. I know we stated here that he Special Summons himself after the current chain resolves. Over at Pojo it's being passed around that he Special Summons himself as soon as the Counter Trap resolves. Even if that's mid-chain. The FAQ would seem to support that line of thinking.

Another questions that came up was the whole "activate and resolve" issue once again. If the Counter Trap your using is Magic Drain and your opponent discards a Spell Card to negate the effect, wouldn't that mean that Magic Drain does not resolve, and therefore not meet the requirements for Voltanis' summon?
Derek, I know it can be frustrating at times. You can't remember everything in this game. Maybe you should take a break and go get something to drink? Lemonade is a nice drink to lower stress -- well it is for me anyway. =/
Nope, for two reasons:

1. You can't Divine Wrath a "summon" (Cyber Dragon's reference).

2. You can't activate any new cards in th middle of a chain.
Yes but that's the effect, the summon there is no way to stop it if it's in the middle of the chain.

His effect would trigger and immediately create another chain, once the current one has finished this new chain will begin and Divine Wrath would be egible for activation (if it's secuential to the effect of course).
slither said:
Yes but that's the effect, the summon there is no way to stop it if it's in the middle of the chain.
From CDIP, any Barrier Statue monster that isn't "Barrier Statue of Radiance". They simply prevent it straight off.
skey23 said:
"Voltanis the Adjudicator" can/will be Special Summoned mid-chain as soon as your Counter Trap resolves. His destruction effect is what will wait until the chain finishes resolving, since it's apparently a Mandatory Trigger despite the fact it uses the words 'can destroy'.

Yes, the second effect was the big question. If it "Triggers" after the chain resolves, then he CAN be Divine Wrathed. But if the Trigger takes place as part of the summoning and only awiats to be placed on a resolve chain, it can't. Moreover, if it does trigger after the resolve and something else manditory gets attached to it, so that it is not the last thing on the chain, then again, you cannot chain Divine wrath to it. Okay, now I have a head-ache.
slither said:
Oh that card sounds interesting :D
Barrier Statue of Radiance
Fairy / LIGHT / 4 Stars / ATK 1000 / DEF 1000
While this card is face-up on the field, all non-LIGHT monsters cannot be Special Summoned.

There's one for each Attribute (all in CDIP) (and have corresponding Types), but otherwise they have the same stats. Each one forbids any Special Summons that aren't the same Attribute as that monster. I suppose you could forbid all Special Summons by having 2 different Barrier Statues on the field. Note the restriction applies to both players.

DARK - Fiend
WATER - Aqua
WIND - Winged Beast
EARTH - Rock
FIRE - Pyro
LIGHT - Fairy
There are also two more monsters in CDIP that stop all Special Summons. Why not use one of them instead?

Also, let's not stray too far off the original topic here please....
I believe he special summons himself mid chain but his effect starts a new chain after the current chain resolves. Don't quote me on this.

Why did R&D make a card that clearly breaks the rules of gameplay in a way no other card has done before? :bkss