YGO Card Name Game


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***Since it's not apparent in this post, I'm going to edit it in. In order to start your own riddle, you must guess the current riddle correctly. This way we don't have multiple riddles all being guessed at once.***

Alright, I'll give the effect of a card in different terms than normal. I'm not going to give the exact wording, to make it harder for the cheaters who are going to use Netrepâ„¢/RONIN/Deck Studio, etc. Whoever knows it, post the answer, then post a card's essential effect of your own choosing. DON'T USE Netrepâ„¢, RONIN, Deck Studio, etc. You're going to ruin the fun.

I'll lead: I win games for anyone who uses me. (BLS-EotB) xD just kidding.

I heed not your Spells, I'm Tsuku-proof, and I'm Morphable into Super Roboyarou.

ive got one. i serve a dragon master and make them almost invinceble, besides attack strength. can u guess my name?
I can roll out big, or I can stealthy sneak out tiny. Once I hide though, I have to come out strong. Who am I?

Holy carp... I guessed like, 20 (4, actually) times, but to no avail... Definitely not the answer I suspected. Good luck to whoever tries to guess this!